Preparing for Battle

February 11, 2013

“This is where we left Matt, Rick, and Tom,” Alex said, as the mustang crept through the streets that bordered the Temple of Pain.
“Are you sure you found the right place?” one of the new teens named Joel asked.
“Yes, it’s the right place,” Alex said with sharp edge to his voice. “We left them way back here so they could keep an eye on the place, but not be seen.”
“You can’t count on anything when it comes to the Xemmoni,” Jack said, while shifting. Being forced to share the ride with five other men left him anxious to get going, if only so he could have some breathing space. “What sort of building did you say they had taken over again?”

5184 × 3456 –
Alex looked over at him and almost managed a smile. “You aren’t going to believe this, but it appears they have made their headquarters in a beauty saloon. From the looks of things, they might even still be in business.”
“I’ll bet. And I’ll also bet that the last customer doesn’t always get to leave after night falls,” Jack said. He paused for a moment and rubbed his forehead. He’d been going non-stop without a chance to completely recover and this night proved no exception. He wanted nothing more than to sleep in for a week and let his battered body heal, but with some of Alex’s friends in the hands of the demented Templars, Jack knew that minutes might add up to lives.
He pointed toward a furniture store. “John, take us behind that building over there and park.” Once that was completed, Jack said, “Now we need to decide who is doing what.”
“I’m going with you,” Both Alex and John said in unison.
“I thought we were all going,” Joel said.
“I’m down for guarding the car,” Andre added.
“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” Jack continued, “If your other friends were captured out here they could still have people patrolling this area. As much as I hate to get you all involved, I have to admit that I need your help and we’ll all be safer if we stick together from here on out. Now, let’s check on where you left your friends first.”

A minute later, they had arrived where Alex had left his three friends and they didn’t like what they found. Blood had splashed and pooled over a large section on the sidewalk near where Rick’s car was parked. Of their friends, other than the blood, there remained no sign.
“This blood hasn’t frozen yet,” Jack said. “Whatever happened wasn’t that long ago. I think-” The words died in his mouth when two men rounded the corner. One of them was the Templar, Slick, who Jack had fought and then captured only to have to leave him behind when the police had swarmed in. With him was a very tall, rather slight man with a dirty blonde mop of hair.
“Matt,” Alex yelled, “what the hell is going on!”

Slick shouted, “Run back and alert the others,” right before he slammed Alex in the chest with an Agony Bestow.
“Stop them,” Jack yelled. “If they warn the other Templars, we’re screwed.”
And that was when Andre screamed.
To be continued next Monday…
Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started… Here!

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