Preparing For Battle, Heading into the Darkness

April 8, 2013

Whether it was because of it being a school day or their involvement with funeral proceedings, neither Alex or any of his surviving friends visited him. Jack welcomed the rest and the healing. After being critically wounded for so long, taking short treks through the frozen woods without pain lancing through his every limb proved a welcome change. Food became a problem before long, but he was able to scrounge up a few forgotten cans of peas, which he cooked on the wood stove.

 Creepy Woods With Axe

But guilt still dug at him from multiple fronts. Allowing so many of the teens that were helping him get killed was like a dagger through his heart. He tried to justify it by saying this was their city and he had only been helping them keep it safe, but such thoughts didn’t ease his emotional burden. Then there was his mother’s apartment, which was brimming with evil, that he was allowing to fester and most likely continue to eat at the souls of its residents. “Hell, I should be visiting my mom and by Yig’s fangs, I still need to return to Idaho and finish taking out the Vile Darken and the scum that got me involved in this whole mess.”

Creep Cabin

He sighed and figured since the haunted high rise had nearly gotten him killed last time that another day of rest wouldn’t hurt. As the fingers of the northern chill crept into his bones, he laid his weary body down for the night.

*         *         *

Part of him felt a certain relief when the hospital informed him that his mother wasn’t able to receive visitors. Her condition remained stable, but it was more of a mental issue than physical, which didn’t sound too good. He let them know he would try again and then returned to where his motorcycle was parked.


“Guess there’s nothing keeping me from heading there now,” he grumbled. He had slept in and realized the morning had already slipped away. Northern winters made for short days and he still had plenty to get done.

The one thing he did have going for him was a nearly infinitive bank roll. After a quick stop at the bank, he rented the biggest SUV he could find. Next stop was a hardware store. Here he bought a new axe and sledge hammer. Hand axes and extra knives went into a large baffle bag. He also bought a new leather back pack. and a length of rope. This last purchase reminded him of something and he made one last stop.

On the way to the motorcycle shop, he gazed toward the west. The sun was already slipping behind the buildings that lined the Saint Paul sky line. He took a chug of his monster-sized soda and squinted against the dying glare. “I guess it’s either go in at night or wait another day. Screw it! I’m sick of putting things off, that’s how people end up dying. I had better go in tonight.”

Lonely Jack

After buying the thickest leather jacket the place sold, he stepped back out into the cold. He pulled his new leather gloves tighter over his fists. He felt goofy wearing the leather biker chaps, but figured with his luck they wouldn’t survive the night anyway. The last hint of the sunset was long gone and darkness had claimed the land. A stiff wind dug daggers of cold into his body while he hurried to his rental.


One way or anything this will be finished tonight…


To be continued next Monday



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Cold City Night


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