Carnival of Blood Part VII

August 5, 2013

Jack grasped the shortened battle axe tighter as the Haunted Funhouse plunged into complete darkness. “Didn’t you already try this trick before,” Jack grumbled. He made it about eight more feet before his foot banged something painfully and he let out a string of curses.

“What’s that matter, has no one ever made it this far before? So now you gotta kill the lights so you can think of what to send at me next.”


It was so quiet his ears were ringing.



“Screw this,” he said and moved forward until he reached one of the walls of the maze. He had seen earlier that the walls didn’t reach the ceiling, but stopped a few feet shy of it. He went left while running his hand against the wall. As soon as he found a corner he leapt up and climbed on top of the wall. A little luck was with him for even in the darkness, he could tell he had found a place where the intersecting walls had formed a large.


Once he got himself situated on top of the wall, he took a deep breath, and then began to whack the ceiling overhead. It was made from some type of metal, which didn’t surprise him, but it only took three hits from the giant twin headed axe to create a gash large enough for a trickle of light to come through.


He kept at it until a voice echoed through the maze. “What are you doing?” The voice was shrill like a female hobbit that had just sucked in a mouth full of helium. “You aren’t playing by the rules. You are cheating!”


“We’ll hats off to me then. And… I make my own rules.”


There was a series of piping curses and then the patter of a dozen feet rushing toward him through the maze. Strangely the lights popped back on. Jack was half tempted to leap down and kill whatever might be racing at him, but it sounded like more had joined in the chase and he always preferred the high ground anyway.


They drew in close, but with the maze slowing them down, he might have a chance to make it through. The hole had several jagged strips of metal that reduced its size and Jack was forced to pause as he pulled these back.

He had just finished doing so and figured the opening was probably big enough for him to fit through when the first of his pursuers came into view and he wished they hadn’t


It was as if they had emptied out the freak house and sent them all his way. Things with matted flesh and coarse hair mixed with pale fish colored men with elongated arms and missing body parts. Things of indeterminate sex walked on their hands or dragged themselves along by any manner their mangled bodies would allow. Others were beastly things that could prove fierce combatants.


“Screw this,” Jack said again, and made for the hole, just as the lovecraftain horde poured into the hallway on which he perched. He was just climbing through when he heard laughter above him. He was just able to catch a glimpse of the thin man he had met outside of the ride, before a black boot sent him tumbling back into the gibbering freaks below.






To be continued next Monday




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