The Climax of Carnival of Blood featuring Jack Primus

September 9, 2013

Jack’s body still contorted in agony as the Carnie’s spell completed its horrid transformation. He could no longer speak and could barely do more than writhe in pain as his limbs fused together.




The carnie lowered himself and whispered into Jack’s ear. “I left you your hearing, but little else, ignorant Stalwart. Since I am now your master, you should know my name is Mr. Horrendous. But you can just call me God.”



But Jack’s mind moved elsewhere. Driving through the pain, he focused the remainder of his Ki on a transformation of his own. Calling on Yig’s own gift of shape shifting, Jack struggled to become a King Cobra. He couldn’t be sure if his spell would override Mr. Horrendous’ but he had to attempt it. Giving it every fragment of his will, he pushed aside the foul binding of the Xemmoni Bestow and let the green light of the All-Father snake enter his bones and blood.



The evil spell fought back, clinging to him as the carnie’s putrid words continued to mock him. But Jack didn’t listen. He fought, but not in the way he had become accustomed to. This was a psychic battle of will and although his will was strong, for him Magick was little more than a tool for keeping him alive long enough for his hands to do the work.



He battled on anyway, every fiber of his being screaming to be free, crying out for the right to remain himself and not be befouled by evil.



He wanted to scream, but had no mouth.



But then he felt his body struggling to change. It started slowly at first, but his body knitted together in the manner he had felt a dozen times. Instead of a horrid monstrosity he had become, he stretched into a streamlined creature of the Earth. A very angry one.



Mr. Horrendous was still insulting him when Jack turned and bit down on the man’s calf with his three inch fangs. Mr. Horrendous cried out and backed away, but Jack drew himself up to his full serpentine height and struck at the carnie again, this time striking him in the face. The carnie screamed in terror and continued to back away right into the remaining freaks that had just begun to pour into the room.


Sensing weakness, they fell upon their former master. Years of horror and abuse flowed through them and they began to tear Mr. Horrendous apart. Due to the strength of his Xemmoni nature, it took a very long time. Jack could still hear the man’s screams long after the long slide had returned him to the ground.


No one opposed him when the lit the ride on fire. Since all the other carnies had fled from his wraith, their rides went up too. The sun was just beginning to stain the eastern horizon a violent purple when he finished burning the last of the carnival.


It proved a simple matter to siphon off a bit of gasoline from one of the carnie’s few remaining vehicles and without a look over his shoulder Jack headed west into an approaching storm.

A New Adventure Starts next Monday.

You can check out more of Jack’s Action Here!

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