Surrounded by Evil as the Darkness Falls

December 23, 2013

One of the most attractive women Jack had ever seen walked toward them like she owned the city. Hers was not a cover model beauty, but a more subtle perfection of face, body, and movement. She wore a dagger strapped to her hip, brown leather pants, and boots. Despite the cold, her top exposed her curvaceous assets as it clung to her upper body. Her light chestnut jacket remained opened so no one would miss an inch of her fine tuned form.




“Be cool,” Phillip whispered.

“I’m always cool,” Jack replied. “Is this Cleo?”

“Yeah, She’s my ex.”

“Not to shabby, Brownhurst.”

He managed to get in, “I do what I can,” before she drew in to close for further conversations.

“Phillip,” she said with a nod of her head that sent her amber locks bouncing. She paused while looking at Jack. “And you must be Jack Primus, Boston’s newest Stalwart.”

“That I am. If you know me, I’d have to assume that you have already heard about your city’s current dilemma.”

She threw out her hip. “I have, but perhaps we should finish this conversation elsewhere. I know a good pub nearby and watch out!”

Jack spun before she could get the rest of her words out. Loud clangs echoed as the armored Xemmoni that started the whole mess marched out of an alley and headed straight for them. Each of his metal encased hands owned a machete and he hacked through two pedestrians that stood between him and his Stalwart prizes. Their death cries proved more than enough to send the other people on the street running.

“Let’s take this loser out,” Jack said through clenched teeth, “but we need to get him off the street and away from innocents. Come on!”

Jack With a Knife

Jack With a Knife

The two Dionysus worshippers had no problem following him and he took of running until he hit the next alley and then quickly headed into it. The Xemmoni, like most Hyades, took his time. They were already a hundred feet down the alley that ran between businesses and residential housing, when, with the certainty of death, the Xemmoni turned the corner to pursue them.

“Let’s…” was the only word Jack got out, before both sides of the alley became blanketed in darkness. “What the Hell?”

“Looks like the Darcarre aren’t waiting until nightfall to get involved this time,” Phillip said while drawing his cutlass.

Before them, the armored freak raised both machetes as he drew in closer.

“Maybe we should just keep going,” Cleo suggested. “Pick our own fighting ground.”

Jack considered her idea and was about to agree with her, when a large dark blue van screeched to a stop behind them blocking off the other side of the alley. At once huge meaty men began to rush out of its side door.

“I know that van,” Cleo whispered. “It’s Caradon and they almost always travel in groups of six.”

“Great,” Jack snarled as he drew two throwing knives from his jacket. “One armored Hyades that has already almost killed me, two Darcarre, and six Caradon. Nine Xemmoni versus the three of us.”

“Well,” Phillip said trying to muster up a wane smile. “Nine is Dionysus’ lucky number.”

As Jack looked at the Xemmoni closing in on each side, he said, “I don’t think that is going to help.”


To be continued next Monday


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Falling Into Darkness

Falling Into Darkness

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