Lakeside Plots

January 13, 2014


The days had stretched long while Jack, Phillip, and Cleo, not only healed their wounds, but also refueled their spend Ki. Their second day hadn’t been so bad for the group had healed their wounds and the McBannons brothers had dropped by for a large poker game. Pizza and shots, mixed with craft ales and Jack got some much needed R and R. It did his soul good to be able to relax as a normal person, even if his guilt still ate at the back of his mind. It didn’t surprise him much when Cleo and Phillip won most of everyone’s money.

White's Pond

White’s Pond


On the third morning, the trio of Stalwarts gathered to meet before they headed back into the dark city. They had all agreed that a gear-up run should occur before they reached the city, but other issues proved more complex.


Phillip and Cleo sat around the remains of the poker game sipping coffee while Jack paced around the room downing can after can of Mountain Dew.

Jack broke the building silence. “I would think the first thing we need to do is contact the other Stalwarts that hopefully are still with us.”

“I contacted Blaze, through Email,” Phillip said. “He’s still kicking. He has a secure site base that’s spread over the web so he can’t be tracked.” Phillip looked up from his steaming cup and met Jack’s eyes. “But he did a little net-running for us and told me that our cells, and such, are tapped. He said that if we need to contact anyone a face to face would be safer. At least that way they won’t know we’re coming as quickly, but he also said that he thinks Lanna and Felix are being watched.”

“Well at least that means they are still alive.”

Cleo spoke up. “They have probably been left alive so they can be used as bait to catch us. We killed a bucket load of Xemmoni. I’m sure we hit number one on their shit list, real quick.”


Dead Wood

Dead Wood

“Let’s table them for now,” Jack said. “Whether we get more help or not, we need to think about our chief goals.”

“Which are?” Cleo asked.

“My gut reaction is to do what they’re trying to do to us, to them.”

Phillip made a face. “You want the three of us to try to make Boston Xemmoni free?”

Jack stared back at him. “Yes. I’m not as worried as much about some random Selector living in a sewer as much as the real members of Vile’s crew.”

Phillip massaged his forehead. “Now I know we kicked some serious ass out there, but those were low level thugs that couldn’t pierce our Damage Protection well. But if we go up against that same amount of powerful Xemmoni they can disperse our flesh to the winds before we get within thirty feet of them.”

“I am aware of this. That’s why I don’t intend to fight fair. What if we head in, ambush a few of the bastards, and then escape the city before sunrise.”

Cleo spoke up. “I see a few problems with that plan. Firstly, we won’t be able to come back here or everyone here will end up dead.”


“Secondly, the Darcarre are huge in Boston and then can sense Stalwarts better than any other race of Xemmoni and for that matter there’s some evidence that Glooms are the runners up for this skill. Surprising these guys is just this side of impossible.”

“And, if I might add,” Phillip said. “If we’re fleeing we have to get past their range or then can just follow us wherever we go.”

“They might think differently when they see where I take them.”

The Dionysus worshippers eyed each other.

Jack smiled. “When I said I wouldn’t fight fair, I meant it. We have all the cards stacked against us, so screw these pricks. I’m not saying we will wipe out the whole city before they get wise, but the first few times I want these Darcarre and they allies to follow us out of the city. It will be the last thing they ever do.”

What Waits in the Wood

What Waits in the Wood


“Whittling down their numbers wouldn’t be the worst idea,” Phillip said.

Cleo looked at Phillip and then Jack. “This idea only seems appropriate if this is what we’re really trying to do. Are we really going to try to take back Boston?”

Jack answered her. “I know no city can ever be completely Xemmoni free, but we can make this city too costly for Darken. Besides if he’s trying something big in Boston, we can at least make sure he won’t be able to do it on our world. We owe it to… well our other selves.”


Phillip downed his coffee. “Okay, I’m in. What the hell. It’s my city and no one kicks me out of my home.”


Cleo drew a deep breath. “You know you’re both nuts right?” She paused. “Okay, count me in too. Everyone has to die sometime.”




To be continued next Monday




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Nith the Darcarre Bitch

Nith the Darcarre Bitch

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