Ready Set Apocalypse

April 7, 2014

It might have been the riskiest plan of Jack life, for not only did his life hang in the balance, but the countless lives of all his incarnations spread over the Multi-Verse. He knew they had to time things right or he might not even exist before he could reach Vile Darken.

So his small team had started by pretended to lay low. In theory they hoped Vile would think they had fled, which made no sense, because why would someone flee when they faced an almost certain death? So Jack changed their tactics and had them keep hitting periphery clutches of Xemmoni. Less danger for his team, but it still looked as though they tried to foil Darken’s plans.

Jack Primus

Jack Primus

This frustrated Jack who would have rather grabbed a high roller and beat some real information out of him, but instead he was forced to grind his teeth as the days slipped by and he grew no closer to discovering Vile’s true plans.

Then they finally caught a break.

Lanna, against orders, had purchased a new cell phone. Even though Jack had forbidden such things, the young woman couldn’t loose track of her friends or fall behind on Facebook. Despite the potential dangers of her disobedient act, it brought her in touch with the rogue Stalwart and hacker of Loki, Blaze.

And Lanna had talked to Blaze.



She had given him, in a manner Jack hoped remained vague, the outline to the Stalwart’s plan. In return Blaze let her in on the ‘data’ he had received and scrounged up over the last week. Once the communication ceased, she had called the three men into her room for a meeting. As soon as the fury of her breaking the ‘no cell phone’ rule had dissipated, they discussed what Blaze had discovered.

Lanna lounged on the bed in a manner that would have made a cat jealous. Her delicious body curved into exposed flesh in all the right spots. She met Jack’s gaze for a moment and then began.

“Our friend Blaze has kept busy,” she started.

“To busy to contact us, apparently,” Jack grumbled.

“It might be good he hasn’t contacted us,” Phillip said. “If he can’t find us, that might be the reason Vile’s Nexus can’t.”

Lanna curled her lip, “As I was trying to say, Blaze has been busy collecting data on Xemmoni movements. But… he discovered something else even more interesting and potentially important.”

“Go on,” Bruin said.

“I’m trying to.” She took a deep breath, which did wonderful things to the front of her turquoise dress. “Blaze also discovered that Vile has been setting up a puppet cooperation and funneling vast amounts of capital into it. The cooperation is a non-profit drug rehab company.”

“Makes sense,” Phillip said. “He could set up a few programs and then take advantage of his client’s vulnerability and pick new recruits to corrupt.”

Lanna cleared her throat. “And this company of his is planning on hosting a huge fundraiser in Boston Common. And… get this, the purpose is to install a statue that they are calling the Harmony Globe.”

“And Blaze thinks this is when Darken will try to cast this spell?” Bruin asked.

“Yes, I believe he does.”

“Isn’t it a little public?” Phillip asked. “I mean it sounds like hundreds of people could be there.”



Jack spoke up. “But that might be just want he needs. “ He leaned forward. “What if he needs some energy to cast this spell? The souls of a few hundred people might be just what he’s looking for. He’ll also have a reason for security personal and lots of coworkers. Also, what does he care if it even makes it onto the national news? I bet he’d sacrifice his incarnation or this whole planet if it assured all of our incarnation’s destruction. Besides, if he pulled this off, he’ll probably be ready to come out of the closet and start his attempt at taking over our world.”

“And without us to stop him…” Phillip let his words hang.

Jack turned back to Lanna. “So when is this event scheduled to occur?”

“This Saturday.”

“That’s gets us just five days people,” Jack stood up. “Time to get to work.”

To be continued next Monday


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