The Serpent Helix

October 20, 2014

The young warrior Huth-allan-nith gave them no indication that he would be regaining consciousness any time soon. Motioning toward his sleeping fur, Mythcul communicated his need for sleep.

Jack nodded and threw another log onto the embers, as the old shaman bedded down for the night. Soon Jack had only his thoughts and the forest murmurings to keep him company.



Descending mists created a constant patter of rain as darkness laid full claim to the lands. Shadows became darkness. Darkness became pools of spreading ink. Something felt wrong. A grimness forced its way into the forest.

Dark Forest

Jack’s hand moved over the handle of his hand axe. A throwing knife filled his left fist. The mist transformed into beads of sweat and the darkness formed into apparitions. Shapes of shadow moved like blood flowing through oil.

He wondered why Mythcul didn’t arise. Could this ebony nightmare have power over the old shaman?

Fear leaked through the trees and Jack braced himself.

An emerald light appeared. It radiated from the center of their packs. An audible shout, like a man surprised, sounded and the darkness receded. It withdrew with a gasp, looking like water hurrying down a drain.

Darcarre Darkness

But his eyes withdrew from the fleeing darkness and focused on the emerald light as it grew. Soon the forest became bathed in its light. He stood up as the alien light grew in power.

His thought danced. This isn’t my world. I have no way of knowing what could happen here.
Then he saw the light had a source. It was the emerald green serpent he had gathered earlier. Although having a growing snake dispelling his enemies should have struck him as strange, two other thoughts overwhelmed such considerations.

He had a compulsion to become a serpent himself, just as he realized that the glowing snake before him was female.

jack 3

Her body twisted and sung to him like nothing had before. She pulsed and danced. Eighty million years of evolution slipped away. She was life. The Double Helix. The essence that creates. Offspring. The reason to fight.

Without realizing it, he had shed his clothes as the serpent form claimed him.

Moving forward through the wet leaves he approached his mate and she met him willingly. Thunder illuminated the forest for a moment as their serpentine forms joined in a primal embrace.
To be continued next Monday

Get in on the beginning of Jack’s Adventures Here!



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