Army of Blood

December 1, 2014

Jack wasn’t sure if seeing the giant army mobilizing against the forces of man made him regret or reinforced his choice to set off on his own. Even though he remained in his serpent form, he had limited telepathic control over the jungle eagle that transported him. He asked the eagle to take him down for a better look at what he and his allies faced.

Gone was any premise that this would be a battle of man against man. The Ripperkah Xemmoni had captured and controlled dinosaurs and other beasts that Jack didn’t even begin to recognize. Some of these beasts were ridden like domesticated mounts, while other thrashed in massive cages and roared their anger out against the stark flat desert sands. Still others drew large siege equipment and oversized wagons full of supplies.

Sauropod dinosaurs

How they figured they would be able to transport these items uphill through some of the roughest terrain Jack had ever experienced, remained a mystery to him.


As far as the Ripperkah went, the brightly colored and tattooed men stretched into the thousands. Some of the men had painted themselves in blood or created huge red symbols over their bodies. The Xemmoni also bristled with edged weapons and bits of scaled armor. With the Ripperkah, he also saw a smattering of what he guessed was both Caradon and Glooms warriors.

chick on dino

How Mythcul’s village of maybe a hundred warriors could hope to hold out stayed beyond his understanding. At best he would suggest they hide, although he doubted such a plan would go over well with their warrior culture.

He tried to sigh, but found such things harder to do in snake form. But then an idea hit him. The one thing he didn’t see in the army below was any defined leader or at least not one that stood out for him. This gave him an idea.

They must have all but emptied out their city, or whatever the hell they have, he mused. If the city is emptied, I might be able to cause more trouble for these bastards there. Delay supply lines and maybe even kill their leader. Maybe if I strike the head, the body will die.


Feeling renewed determination, he had the eagle take him onward. Their enemy’s trail certainly wasn’t difficult to follow, and the eagle made good time. An hour later he they came upon the city, which appeared to have been built around a desert oasis. High stone walls surrounded even higher pyramids resembling the pictures he had seen of Mayan structures. More stone buildings pressed into the sky surrounded by palm trees and other thick fauna.


He took the eagle in closer. Women and what were probably slaves, outnumbered the men by at least ten to one, but some warriors were still present. He took the eagle in for another swoop over the city in hopes of locating what might be a building that would house their leaders.

That was when an arrow struck the eagle and with a loud cry it began to plummet into the center of the stone city.
To be continued next Monday

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