Crypt Creeps

December 22, 2014

Jack closed the top of the sphere he had created under the earth of the Ripperkah city. As this plunged he and the jaguar into darkness, he said, “Oh boy, this isn’t exactly how I had seen this day going.”

A few seconds passed while he fumbled for a lighter and wondered if, after all he’d been through on this strange world, if he still had one. He pulled one out of his shredded leather jacket and then nearly dropped it when a voice sounded in the absolute darkness. “Your day,” the voice was female. “I just wasted almost a year’s worth of debasing myself in order to infiltrate the Kah Temple and I had to throw it all away to keep Kal Gixell from rending you to pieces.”


He flicked the light. Yes, there was a young, raven haired, and very naked woman in the enclosed pit with him. It didn’t surprise him to see the jaguar gone, but what did surprise him, after weeks of communicating with sign language, was that he was able to understand her words. He decided to address that first.

“How come I can understand you?”

“I cast a spell, what else would it be,” irritation seeped through her every word. “But I think right now that is the least of our concerns. You must know The Darken resides here. When he arrives he’ll be able to tear through your little incantation with ease. We most likely only have minutes. If you need to say any last prayers do them now. Also I would prefer to go down fighting, but I’d rather not be naked as I do so. I’d ask you for you jacket, but I see it is barely able to remain on your shoulders.”

“Do you always talk this much?” he grumbled. “And don’t color us gone, my ‘little spell’ isn’t through yet.”

Despite his words, Jack knew he was nearly spent. Using the last ebbs of his mystic strength, he created a tunnel through the earth heading south. “Follow me if you want to live.”

Creepy Tunnel

Stepping gingerly through the loose stones, she followed.

The earth flowed under them and he used it to fill the sphere they had so recently occupied. He reached an interwoven wall of stone blocks. It slowed his progress, but he kept going even as the last of his Ki faded. The stones fell away revealing a dark enclosure.

Crrepy Dungeon

With no small amount of trepidation, Jack moved into the room. Flicking on his lighter again, did little to ease his nerves. The space appeared large, but it was the shapes littering the floor that drew his attentions. If his eyes served his correctly, dozens of mummies spread out in every direction before him.

“Oh crap.”

“Making sure they know we are here?” she said.


“Well, if they’re going to get up and attack us, sometime it’s good to just get it over with.”

“Are all Yiglings so brazen?”

“How the hell would I know and I think I passed from ‘ling’ be added to the back of anything I do.” Turning toward he she said, “The Name’s Jack Primus by the way and you are…?”

“I’m—you can call me Tynilia.”

Jack brushed the dust off his clothes, while Tynilia looted enough fabric of the mummies to give herself a mini skirt just this side of legal. She appeared less worried about concealing her upper half and a pair of turquoise necklaces remained all she used to cover her tight breasts.

Jack found enough stray cloth to make a torch on the end of a broken mace he discovered. After he lit it, he asked, “So Tynilia, you don’t seem to have any worries about robbing from these dead.”

Her green eyes flashed under her ebony locks. “They will either attack us or they won’t,” she said, while pulling an obsidian topped spear out of a mummy’s withered hand. “I heard The Darken had plans for these things, but being the absent minded fool that he is, we can just hope his goals wandered elsewhere.”

“So tell me a bit more about what you were doing here?”

“As just must have guessed, I’m a servant of the Dark King, Tezcatlipoca and I…” Her voice trailed off as scrapings were heard.

All around them the mummies began to stir. Soon some of them flinched while others began to give forth dry moans as they struggled to their feet. “So much for Darken being a slacker, I see,” Jack said, but then the time for fighting arrived.

Attacking Mummy

To be continued next Monday




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