Darken and Doom

December 29, 2014

Jack didn’t wait for the reanimated Mummies to be on him. He grabbed up a loose stone the size of a cinder block and tossed it into the lead biggest cluster of undead. The Mummy crumpled in half and splintered while his mangled body slowed those behind it.

“Good, this seem more like Romero zombies and less like Korloff liches,” he yelled as he stabbed the butt of his torch into some loose mortar and grabbed up two fist sized rocks.


“You know I have no idea what you are babbling on about,” Tynilia said, while she kicked one in the chest. A moment later she spoke a brief in incantation. An ebony cloud of smoke appeared before her and quickly solidified into a dark handled club. Black blades of sharpened obsidian rotated away from the mace in a vicious looking pattern.

Mummy Attack

Despite his bravado, dread crept across Jack’s skin. The wavering light of the small torch created moving shadows amongst the approaching dead and did little more than show him the building horror he faced. Dry warped limbs fought to be the first to rend his flesh. While empty eye sockets burned with dull yellow lights over mangled teeth that snapped open and shut.

He got his two stones thrown, but then it was on. Drawing his hand axe and war dagger, he entered the fry. Crawling splinters of bone tore at him as his weapons slashed and cut everywhere at once. As he became overwhelmed by the press of withered dead, he realized that his weapons were ill-suited for his foe. Cutting through ribs or stabbing into a face did little to slow down his opponents. He took to trying to decapitate them with the axe and pulled it off a few times, but he couldn’t keep up with the onslaught of their growing numbers.

“Retreat into the tunnel I made,” he shouted.

Tynilia had no problem doing so or holding her own, she moved faster than the eye could follow. Her lean body mixed powerful kicks with brutal smashes of her summoned mace.


Within the narrow tunnel, they could hold their own with no worry of being flanked, but the mass of Mummies still caused them to slowly retreat.

“We have to hold them,” Jack growled through clenched teeth.

But then misfortune struck when a half destroyed body crawled under the melee and grabbed Tynilia’s ankle as she threw a back kick. It proved enough to send her spilling into the dirt.

Jack moved to assist her, but when the mummies pressed in hard, it was all he could do to just pull her out from under the pile forming over her.

“Retreat back to the sphere,” he yelled. “Maybe we can climb up out of their reach.”

The pair turned and raced for the earthen sphere, but before they grew too near, Jack sensed something was wrong. Illumination flowed in from above and he knew he had the sphere completely enclosed. Still, the horde of grasping undead gave them little choice and the rushed into the opened sphere.

An all too familiar voice called down to him taunting Jack in his own language. “Primus, you weak minded fool. How many times and on how many worlds must I destroy you. If one of you wasn’t enough of a curse, now I must contend with two.”

Jack looked back at the mummies who held back at the edge of the tunnel, before saying, “Yeah, believe me, I know the feeling.”

Red pulsed like spilled blood around the figure of this world’s incarnation of Vile Darken. Red feathers mixed with dull purples and glossy blacks. Skulls and tattoos covered the rest of his form, although his tall black pirate boots and smoking cutlass remained similar to the form Jack had been cursing on his own world for over a year. Standing with Vile were dozens of Ripperkah warriors and well as beasts straight out of a madman’s nightmares.

Mayan Vile Darken

Vile laughed without humor. “I’d ask you to lower your weapons, if you had any worth the bother. Submit to my will and perhaps I will allow you a final meal while you inform me of every dirty secret that lingers in the useless pudding you call a brain.”

Tynilia looked over at him. “Sorry, you are on your own with this one, tall, dark, and thick skulled.” Then, within seconds, her body dispersed into an inky mist and was gone.

Jack attempted to follow suit and become a snake, but a score of Ripperkah leapt into the sphere and grabbed him up before he could make it too far. He injected a few of them with enough venom to drop one of their dinosaurs, but one grabbed him by the tall and swung him in a circle that wasn’t finished until his head smashed into a rock.

Then he only knew darkness.

To be continued next Monday

Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started Here!

Evil Vile Darken

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