The Jaguar and the Snake

February 2, 2015

For multiple reasons, Tynilia didn’t have any problems traveling through the night. As a worshipper of the dark jaguar God Tezcatlipoca, Jack figured the young woman could not only see in the darkness, but preferred it. He didn’t feel as inspired. His body ached from a few dozen slowly healing wounds and he hadn’t slept for nearly two days.

His new umber colored cloak whipped around him as he adjusted himself on the back of the feathered lizards they road. These wide-winged beasts looked like a cross between a parrot and an iguana. Two long and thick scaled legs enabled the creature to stand, much like normal bird, but the front legs spread into muscular wings. The throat and head remained reptilian and gave Jack some solace, for both he and his Patron Yig favored cold blooded beasts. Their feathers were a bright red-orange, which wouldn’t go far in keeping them concealed and might have been another point in favor of night travel.


As the cold winds bit at him, Jack wondered if their night flight would ever end. Hugging his cloak tighter, he leaned in over his mount and tried to find his spiritual center. He let the beating of the wings lull and calm his racing thoughts, thoughts that lingered on not only the fate of this world, which didn’t appear good, but his own as well that could, if anything, be in worse shape.

He wanted to be on his own planet, fighting for its safety and freedom, but how could he turn his back on these people in the middle of their crisis, right before they were to fight a battle that could decide the fate of their world?

Such thoughts plagued and fought within his mind to the point where when the sun rose, he had almost forgotten such things remained possible. It brightened his spirits to see his swamp eagle coasting on the air over his mount’s right wing. Also seeing that they had made it across the desert and mountains passed below them, didn’t hurt his mood.

After only a few more minutes of flying, Tynilia took them down into a small valley studded with clusters of what looked similar to oak trees on his world.

She cast him a look over her thin shoulder, dismounted, and preceded to brush the dust from her riding cloak.

Tynilia 4

He did the same and then took a few steps toward her.

She spoke first. “We’ll have to care for the mounts, but we’ll rest here during the daylight hours.”

“How far are we from your people?”

“No far really, but you need rest. The priests of Tezcatlipoca are not the type of folk that one wants to deal with when you aren’t at your best.”

He removed his cloak and started brushing down the new leather jerkin and pants he’d been provided. “So we’ll be meeting them tonight. At least I won’t be showing up barefoot with only tattered shorts on. These clothes fit well, by the way, even the boots.”

“They should,” she said while adverting her eyes. “They belong to the other…you.”

“I figured as much. What was your relation with this world’s ah…me.”


The color rising in her cheeks answered the question before she spoke. “I respect all he has done to help rid this world of the horror of the Darken. While we are organizing here, he will be leading our desert forces out behind Vile’s giant army.”

“Good for him,” he said, while a grin spread across his face.

She avoided looking his way and focused on her saddlebags. “We only have one tent, so I’ll expect you behave yourself or you might show up at the dark ones camp missing a few important parts. I’ll set up the tent, why don’t you get the fire going.”

His smirk remained on his face, but at least the day was improving. When his eagle dropped a rabbit as his feet it only made things better.

*         *         *

Later, after they had feed themselves and taken care of their mounts, the two Stalwarts fidgeted in the tent. Despite his exhaustion, Jack had a hard time letting sleep claim him. Having the lean form of Tynilia moving on a few feet from him didn’t make anything easier.

“I can feel your tension,” she said in a softer voice than usual. “It impedes my ability to sleep.”

“Sorry. There’s just a lot on my mind.”



“Yes, our quest is not for the timid.”

“Other things concern me as well.” He put his arms behind his head and stared up at the roof of the tent.

Perhaps not understanding his contemplations, she said, “Does it concern you that I am the mate of your incarnation?”

“You never said, but I had guessed that much.” He laughed. “I suppose that if we slept together it wouldn’t be cheating on your part, because you’d still be sleeping with the same man, just a different version of him.”

She rolled to her side and ran her fingers down his chest. “I was thinking the same thing.” She snuggled in closer as her fingers found his manhood and quickly brought it to life. “Besides I am very curious as to how you might differ and yet be the same.”

He grabbed her curvaceous form within his arms and said, “Well then, let’s figure that out.”


To be continued next Monday

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