Wrecking the Stage

February 9, 2015

Tynilia and Jack spent half the night exploring each other’s bodies and the second half lying in each other’s arms. Jack found her to be a fierce and inventive lover and after only having a female snake for a mate for the last month, it was a refreshing change.

But the morning found her nervous and distant. He wondered if she might feel discomfort over cheating on her lover, but didn’t waste too much time trying to figure out the motivations of a female follower of a dark god that lived on a planet different than his own. Hell, I can’t even figure out normal girls on my own world, what chance would I have with her?

More Mar

Their parrot/lizard, Wyren mounts appeared to have eaten three of the oak trees while the couple had slept and looked ready to go, which was more than he could say for Tynilia. The young raven haired beauty, fiddled around camp. She stretched a ten minute breakfast into an hour and then looked through her things for another thirty minutes.


Before too long, Jack wished he’d brought a book with him, for what little patience he possessed was evaporating like mists in a desert sun. After another seventeen minutes had passed, Jack said. “Is there something wrong? If it’s because we slept together, I’m sorry, we don’t have to again and can just move on like it didn’t happen, if you like.”

“No, it isn’t that,” she said, without looking up. “The other…ah you, said he didn’t mind if we, um, got to know each other better. I’m more worried over my former mate back at my village, that and the fact that I ran away from him and everyone else I know there.”

“Oh… perhaps I should have been let in on that little secret. I doubt it will make anyone more predisposed to helping me and their rival tribe.”

“Such thoughts had crossed my mind.”

“Perhaps I should go in alone, it might-”

Jack’s words were cut off by the sounds of Tynilia suddenly screaming. Before this set in, he had already discovered the cause, for a evil Bestow headed his way, but his empowered Ki dispelled it before it reached his body, which was more than he could say for the javelin that followed and embedded itself five inches into his arm met his left shoulder. One more sped at each of them, but both Stalwarts managed to avoid these flung weapons.

Then with a series of brutal cries and spitting curses in a language Jack had little hope of understanding, five Ripperkah raced out of the forest toward the pair. Like before, these savage men had bodies painted in blood that matched their scarlet feathers and thick tribal tattoos.


Jack’s new allies had supplied him with many weapons including a long lance for when he road the wyrens. Snatching it up from where it leaned against a tree, he drove it into the middle of the lead Xemmoni. It screamed as its own momentum drove it through his chest. Jack raced to his right as the impaled man stumbled and fell. The length of the pike hit another Ripperkah in the thigh and he tumbled face first into the dirt.


Looking back, he saw Tynilia had disappeared. “Flippin’ figures,” he grumbled, as he dropped the oversized spear and drew a war axe off his back. “At least I finally gathered some real weapons on this blood washed world.”

The Xemmoni closest to him, used its Body Weaponry Bestow to transform his hands into jagged shafts of bone. He might as well have not bothered for Jack cut through the villain’s right arm and deep into his skull with a single hack of his axe.


The fallen Xemmoni would never regain his footing, for his head went falling off his shoulders with Jack’s second swing.

Tynilia had appeared behind one of the remaining Ripperkah and dispatched it before he had known she was there.

The last Xemmoni looked at them both with wide-eyed horror and attempted to flee. Tynilia twin daggers slowed him down, but it was one of their own javelins, flung by Jack, that took the bastard out.

Wiping the blood from her arms, Tynilia said, “You fought very well, perhaps even better than your incarnation on this world.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” he said in a gruff voice, while he healed her and then himself.

“I don’t think the other you can heal people either.”

“Can we stop talking about him, please?” He kicked the decapitated head toward another of the bodies. “Help me gather these heads. Perhaps if we present them to the leaders of your village, it will help let them know how serious we are.”

“Perhaps,” she said slowly, “but I should let you know that Lithoca, the man I was promised to, is the chief’s son.”

“This just keeps getting better and better.” Jack said as the blood from the next decapitation sprayed over his new leather pants.

Forest Jack

Forest Jack

To be continued next Monday

Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started Here!

AllFather Yig

AllFather Yig

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