Drawn Into Darkness

February 16, 2015

After hearing that Tynilia was an outcast from her village, it didn’t help Jack’s mood and despite their night in each other arms, the pair readied their Wyrens for flight in a gloomy silence. Jack collected the Ripperkah weapons worth salvaging. After he’d finished, he dragged their decapitated bodies onto a wood pile, he’d already collected, and lit it ablaze

Once it was lit, he stepped back and stood in silence as it burned. Frogs croaked in a small stream. The forest didn’t care about such transient matters. Its pulsing essence called to him and regenerated his soul. Life and creation grew thick and helped him focus on what was truly important and he rid his mind of imagined evils.


Looking over at Tynilia, he sensed her dark state as she packed up the last of their gear. He moved behind her and let his arms circle her waist. Her muscles tensed and it took him nuzzling her neck with his lips for her to relax. A moment later she seemed to melt in his arms.

Turning to face him, she kissed his mouth. After they broke away, she whispered, “You are so gentle and kind.”

He broke out with a loud chuckle. “Been a long time since anyone has called me gentle.”



“I can’t help but compare you to the other…”

“Incarnation.” He drew away. “I thought we weren’t going to talk about that.”

“Yes, but it roars through my might like a lioness that has lost her cubs.”

He looked at her and smiled. So powerful, but yet so little and delicate. “Let’s go see your village. We might as well get it over with.”

“It won’t be pleasant returning.”

He strapped an extra weapons belt to his waist. “Then it’s a lucky thing I’m heading in with you.”

* * *

Mayan Tez Mural

The Wyren flight left little time for introspection, for they reached the village of Tezcatlipoca followers quickly. The village itself loomed dark. As he entered, it felt like he’d left the blazing sun behind and night had fallen, but he knew it was just past noon. Black stone and wood combined to make sturdy cabins that belched inky smoke. A twenty foot wall surrounded the entire village, which right away let Jack know that this place looked eight times more defendable than Mythcul’s camp.

Before their Wyren’s feet hit the ground, a crowd had already grown. Shouts started and fingers pointed as Tynilia came into view. Warriors loomed dark and savage. Many had painted themselves up as black jaguars, where the females favored the yellow jaguars with black spots body paint. But genders appeared nearly naked, but made up for this with a multitude of viscous looking weapons.

Mayan Tez

A giant warrior, that he assumed to be her former betrothed, Lithca, appeared and began screaming at Tynilia is a language Jack couldn’t understand, but the meaning of the words remained clear enough. Soon Tynilia was being pummeled by garbage and things fouler.

Jumping off his Wyren, Jack cried out and waved his hands before the villagers. He reached behind to his mount and went to get the bag of Ripperkah heads, but several men grabbed him and flung him to the Earth.

He tried to struggle to his feet, but a wizened older man, with the look of a shaman about him, dashed forward and slapped the palm of his hand against Jack’s forehead. There was a black flash and then he knew no more.


Return next Monday for the next part of Jack’s Weekly Adventure.

Check out where Jack Started Here!


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