None of Them Will Like it

March 9, 2015

As the crowd dispersed, Jack stared with a heathy amount of disbelief. He had gone form hero to prisoner, from gladiatorial victim to being free, yet shunned. Lithoca began to revive, but Jack smashed him on the top of his head with the hilt of his dagger. “I’m not ready for your bullshit yet.”



Leaving his adversary in the pit, Jack used a rope and climbed out. No one remained to greet him. “Yeah, this is working out great,” he said aloud. “We’ll be planning The Darken’s destruction in no time.”

“It’s your fault, you idiot,” Tynilia said as she approached him. “The biggest bastard in the whole village and one that is out to get me, in more ways than one, and you can’t just kill him. Your one chance to bring him into the darkness without having the whole village down on you and you don’t take it? How is it that I can put up with any on you Yiglings?”



“Are you done?”

She kept a straight face while saying, “No, I actually wanted to slap you around some.”

“That can wait, but what can’t wait is organizing against the forces of The Darken that even now marches toward these mountains.”

“Well you just angered everyone in the village, including me, so I’m not sure what you hope to do now?”

“Oh, I might have an idea or two,” Jack said while letting a grin form over his face. He saw his Wyrens where he left them. Their loud cawing competed with the other bird cries. It would silence the smaller birds for a moment, but in time they would begin to chirp again.


“Come with me,” he ordered as he turned on his heel.

“Why should I do anything to help you?” She said, he looked back and saw she had her fists planted against her narrow hips.

Turning, he called over his shoulder, “Because I need you and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to live in a world where the only humans around are Rips.”

“Ahhhhhh,” she cried, but he heard her following him.

Dropping back into the pit, he was happy to find Lithoca still unconscious. He started to remove his jaguar outfit at once.

Tez Chieftain

“What are you doing now?” she asked for the lip of the pit. “You didn’t strike me as a molester, but if you want to give Lithoca what’s for, don’t let me stand in your way.”

He glared at her while tossing the yellow jaguar gear over his shoulder. He also retrieved his large battle axe.

“Jack, grab his war club. That should piss him off, it’s his soul weapon.”

Moving to climb up out of the pit, He said, “I’m not going to be vindictive. He’ll be needed his best weapon soon enough.”

“You’re no fun,’ she said while crossing his arms.

Once out of the pit. he led her toward their flying mounts. It still felt odd to him that he’d been so mistreated, but was now being ignored. From the looks of things, all the villagers had returned to their homes. Where just minutes ago the whole village had watched him triumph over Lithoca, the streets looked little better than a ghost town.

“Screw them, then. They’re going to wish they’d talked to me,” he said while mounting his Wyren.

“What are you going to do?” she asked while petting her mount. He noted she had yet to climb aboard.

“You’ll find out and I assure you none of them will like it.”

Her wicked grin returned. “Well, then you can count me in,” she said while hopping onto the back of her Wyren.

A minute later they had left the village of Tezcatlipoca behind them.




To be continued next Monday



Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started Here!



Vile Darken

Vile Darken

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