Don’t Attack Jack

April 27, 2015

Jack’s mood stayed grim. Not only did they still face an unstoppable army, but he’d also been forced to leave one of his only allies and sometime lover, Tynilia, behind. Having a Darcarre as a traveling companion didn’t do much to improve his spirits, although he supposed as far as Xemmoni went, Shadowknife as on the plus side of the bell curve, but that might not be saying much.
Jack Dagger

It only took Jack eight miles before he started missing his Wyren mount. He found himself cursing first the Xemmoni and them himself for letting it be slain. The trek took him ever uphill and with each step the forest grew thicker.

Jack’s foul mood left him seeking silence more than communication, which didn’t appear to bother Shadowknife. The man followed him like a dark ghost. The trek left Jack feeling as if he walked through a dream world. Part of him wondered if he somehow might be dreaming. Perhaps this foreign world was a hallucination and his body lay trapped and immobile somewhere.

Shaking his head, he pushed such thoughts aside. He needed to focus, hell he mused, I need to do a lot of things, not the least of which, getting back to my own world to help deal with the apocalypse level problems happening there.

As they approached the entrance of a dry canyon, Shadowknife held up. “We are not alone… Prepare yourself. A Caradon approaches us from-”

Shadowknife’s words were cut short by an arm the size of a tree slamming into him. Shadowknife let out a yell as he rolled through a series of low bushes. He kept spinning out of control until a boulder halted his decent down the mountain.

Jack turned to face the creature just as a roar escaped from its bulbous lips. The fiend looked like a Creeper on steroids. Stretching forty feet high, what once might have been a man, had retained little of its humanity. Six twenty foot arms grew out of a bloated torso twice the size of an elephant. Its mangled head held flapping and loose shreds of tattered flesh.

Another roar escaped from the Caradon and Jack could have sworn his hair was blown back by the sour breath of the beast-man. As he readied his axe, he remembered the Yig Shaman Mythcul telling him about this race of Caradon, which had been tasked to plague his people.

“So your kind was sent to hunt the people of Yig? Well they’ll be one less of you to worry about after today.”

Another roar exploded from the Xemmoni and its six fists drove at Jack, but the Stalwart had already dived to side. As he leapt, his axe swung out and the Caradon drew back screaming for a different reason this time, for one of his hands had been left severed and bleeding dark incur into the dirt.

He rolled behind a giant tree, trying to buy some time. A punch of several fists shattered the tree and caused hundreds of long splinters to rain down on him. “Son of a bitch,” he cursed. Looking downhill, he saw no sign of Shadowknife and figured he might be on his own.

Jack started to sprint away as he drew up his most powerful Spell. Just as the Caradon crashed after him, Jack’s Mold Nature struck the ground under its feet. It bellowed as the ground gave way and it sunk into the earth, but due it its immense size, it only descended waist deep.

Jack whipped himself around only to have it be his turn to get hit by a Magickal attack. Jack cried out when the Caradon’s Cell Disruption Bestow crashed into him. His body writhed in agony as his flesh began to burn and melt. He dropped to his knees and threads of ruined skin poured off his bones.

Angry Jack

He had no choice other than to magickally heal himself, but this delay gave the Caradon a chance to fight free of the ground which held him.

Jack was just struggling back to his feet when a dark figure leapt onto the Caradon’s back. A single sweep of his sword later, the thing’s massive head fell from its shoulders and rolled down the mountainside starting an avalanche as it passed.

Jack brushed himself off as he walked toward Shadowknife. “Impressive. How’d you pull that one off?”


Shadowknife twisted the long saber he held in his hands. “Life gets easier when one owns an enchanted weapon.”

“Enchanted weapon, huh? Maybe I should make sure I get myself one of those before I leave this world.”

“It might not be impossible to find one within The Darken’s army. You’ll just have to survive the battle first.”

“Yeah,” Jack said, while resting his axe over his shoulder. “I always have a lot on my ‘to do list.’ If you’re okay, I say we keep going. It’s still a few days march to reach the village of Yig and who knows what The Darken and his army will have accomplished by then.”

Shadowknife only nodded from under his robes and soon the mismatched pair had resumed their ascent up into the mountains looming above them.




To be continued next Monday


 Demon of Death

Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started Here!




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