The Village of Yig

May 4, 2015

It had been a long two day march and through each step of the way, Jack had ruminated over how far Darken’s army may have travel. The fate of Tynilia also weighed heavy on his mind. Although she was involved with another man and the follower of the darkest of the Stalwart gods, he remained concerned over her safety.



Yet, the time had come for him to do something he had dreaded during the entire trek. He would have to enter the village of Yig and not only explain his unannounced exit, but somehow convince them to ally themselves with their fiercest rivals. It was not a task he looked forward too and he figured if there had been a means to return to his own earth at that moment, he would have taken it.

“Might as well just get this over with,” he said as the outskirts of the village of Yig came into view.



“As you wish,” Shadowknife said in an even voice. “I however, will take my leave. I doubt my presence would make anything easier for you. I will remain in the forest until you have completed this task. Summon me, but giving two sharp whistles and I will return.” Then, before Jack could reply, the Darcarre faded into mixed shadows, like he had never existed.

Nodding his head, Jack drew in a deep breath and proceeded toward the front gate of the village. The wooden gate had been left open. No guards manned the log wall and Jack strode into the village like he owned the place. Both men and women ceased what they were doing and stared his way open mouthed. The hush was replaced by chatter and the villagers that weren’t present began to exit their homes.


Mythcul was one of them and his wise eyes regarded him with a silent appraisal. The village hushed as he walked slowly toward Jack. He paused a few feet before him and their gaze met.

Jack tensed until the old shaman’s face cracked into a grin. Then he laughed as he embraced Jack into a huge hug. The village erupted in cheers and as one rushed forward and ran their palms over his shoulders and legs.

Yig Warrior of the Earth

When Mythcul pulled away a figure appeared. It was the warrior Huth-allan-nith and the somber man that Jack had experienced some issues with, moved forward and clasped Jack by the arm.


Jack looked around with a grin of his own. “Maybe this isn’t going to be as bad as I thought.”

*         *         *

Jack had almost forgotten about the language barrier that he had between the villagers, so the discussion moved slowly at first. Still, everyone was well aware of the army pushing into the mountains and the need to do something or perish.

Jack won a few popularity points when he conveyed how he had aimed the Darken army at the Tezcatlipoca village instead of theirs. This proved useful when he was required to tell them that they would not only be fighting alongside the Tezcatlipoca followers, but far worse, the Splinter Darcarre. He heard grumbling, but like every other group, they figured letting enemies fight enemies would be a win/win proposition in the end.


Although the meeting nearly stretched until dawn, the leaders agreed to meet the enemy out in the field. If the followers of Yig helped insure it broke against the walls of the Dark Ones, then their village would remain safe. Although it went mostly unsaid, everyone knew that if the army of Darken destroyed the Tezcatlipoca village, theirs would be next.

The leaders would be allowing the warriors a day to rest and prepare, but had agreed to set out at dawn the following day.

Jack claimed the small hut he had been given weeks before and luckily had no one disturb him before a well deserved sleep claimed his weary bones.


Dino eating Ri[ps


To be continued next Monday




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The Darken

The Darken

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