Warriors of Yig

May 11, 2015

They set out early the following morning. Jack, Mythcul, and Huth-allan-nith led the eighty warriors of Yig into the thick forest. Jack had never experienced such a powerful force who followed his God, but compared to the army they opposed, it almost felt like a wasted effort. Still Jack had to remind himself that they also had the jungle and the earth itself as allies and the Darken army would soon not know what hit them.

Jack Dagger

It only took two hours for the group to receive its first assault. More of the giant trollish things that Jack had fought before assaulted them, but before they could do much more than show themselves, the shamans caused the earth and forests to erupt with the powers of Yig. Trees twisted and crushed. The jungle floors opened up to swallow beasts whole. Almost before it started, the battle was done. Jack had never gotten a chance to assist and figured that might have been a first for him.

jack 4

One man had been thrown against a tree and lay limp on the ground, but when Mythcul’s mystic healing got him up on his feet, the men let out an excited cheer.

Jack’s smile joined the others, while the men gathered up their weapons and moved back into their marching order.

While he waited, a patch of darkness fell over him.

“So are you going to introduce me to your new friends,” a shrouded voice touched his mind.

Bruin II

“Shadowknife,” he said aloud. “Yes, we might as well get this over with.”

The Splinter Darcarre’s reception was cold, but no fights broke out and besides a few muttered comments, they left the Xemmoni alone. Although Jack doubted the man would ever admit it, he stuck close to Jack for protection.

More creatures from the Dark Alliance Xemmoni races assaulted them throughout the day, but they were either beaten back or destroyed. When the made it to camp without suffering a single loss of life, it improved their spirits and wild songs and chanting were taken up by the warriors as they prepared the overnight camp.

Shadowknife had volunteered to patrol around the camp and after his return, he drew up into the lingering shadows under a cluster of tree near where Jack prepared his blankets.

“Your group did will today. Someone would have to be a fool to attack such a group of Stalwarts located on their own turf.”

Although Jack felt little friendship toward the agent of darkness, but did enjoy being able to converse. “We’ll see if it will be enough to tip the scale when we engage the enemy’s true force. Any clue to the main army’s location?”

“Last I heard it still headed toward the northeast, straight to where you pointed it. I believe both your allies to the south and my Nest to the east have begun their hit and run assaults on the Darken’s flanks. Both thought it best to have the army enter the outskirts of the mountains and forests before such assaults commenced.”

“I can’t fault them there, but I’m sure they play a dangerous game.”

“A game that we will soon join.” Shadowknife moved slightly a greater darkness within the black.

“Do you know if the two southern forces are in communications with each other?”

“I believe your ally Tynilia is assuring that this is the case.”

T with sword

Jack winced at her name. He had grown fond of the independent woman, despite their differences and her already belonging to another.

Shaking his head, he left the Darcarre to his shadows and bedded down for the night. Sleep eluded him and when at last he drifted off, he was plagued by troubled dreams.

Mounted Dino

To be continued next Monday


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The Darken

The Darken

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