Primus you will not escape me this time!

June 1, 2015

Jack froze at Tynilia’s words. The Darken was attacking the forces aliened against him and would be hitting the warriors of Yig at any moment.


He looked behind him at the eighty warriors gathered near the side of the cliff and then smiled. “I know what we need to do. We might not have much time so we need to hurry.” Moving toward, he grabbed Huth-allan-nith by the forearm. “I might need one more man to help with this.”

Despite the language barrier, the Stalwart understood what was being asked of him and nodded.


Jack held up four more fingers and pointed at the man they’d been working with and Huth-allan-nith nodded again.

“I’m assuming Met can fly like you can Tynilia.”

It was her turn to nod.


“Good, now this is what we’re going to do and we need to hurry because we don’t have much time.”

*         *         *

An hour later found Jack, Tynilia, Huth-allan-nith, and Met-A-Lock sitting around a campfire, which burned only a few yards away from the side of the imposing cliff. Four of Huth-allan-nith’s handpicked warriors stayed close and moved between the quickly crafted huts making a few improvements and looking busy. He could also sense Shadowknife lurking in a patch of darkness just out of sight.

“They say this man has the intelligence of a God,” Met-A-Lock sneered as he spoke. “What makes you think he won’t see through such a simple ruse?”

He gave the Darcarre a glare of his own. Whether the evil man had bedded Tynilia or not remained open to debate, but either way Jack had chosen to dislike him. “Have you met Vile Darken before? No, well I have, several times now. Yes, he’s beyond powerful, a deadly plotter, and madder than a goldfish tossed into a bag of spiders, but he’s also arrogant. He would be hard pressed to believe his plans are anything sort of genius and the idea that we could plot against his moves or outsmart him would be hard for him to comprehend.”

“Also, despite his might, he has a soft spot for luxury. I’m sure that a big part of him feels why bother taking over the Multi-verse if you can’t enjoy it. So this desire for luxury might lead him to believe that the warriors could have constructed these little huts while they waited because that would be what he’d make his slaves do for him.”

Met-A-Lock had not answer and just grunted while looking away.

Jack had just turned over his ground fowl on the coals when a sphere of purple tinged black light exploded into existence between his small group and the huts. Already laughing, like he’d finished the battle, Vile stepped out of the cloud followed by four powerful Ripperkah. Two of which Jack recognized from his attack on their pyramid filled capital.



Vile Darken’s voice boomed at them, like usual his words were the first thing to attack. “Ah, another Primus. You think your maneuvering will accomplish more than elevating you to the annoyance level of a gnat where you were once a fly? But either way, I will crush you like the primitive bug you are. My only regret will be that I ever bothered to march my army toward your pathetic forces when I should have just come out here and killed you all to the man myself.”

Vile Darken

Vile Darken

While he spoke, everyone else moved. Jack had gathered and prepared the sand and used his Mold Earth spell to dash buckets worth of earth into his opponent’s faces. Between their disorientation after teleporting and getting eyes full of sand, this appeared to have slowed them down giving the warriors of Yig a chance to follow through with the more mundane lunching of spears. Both Met-A-Lock and Tynilia also attacked with spells, but only Tynilia’s appeared to have worked. Jack saw another Bestow, most likely driven by Shadowknife, crash into the back of one of the Ripperkah skulls and the man stumbled forward a step.

“Fools!” Vile raged. “You seek to stop me with dirt. If it is dirt you enjoy so much than into the dirt you shall go. Say hello to the worms for me. I will—what?”

The shamans of Yig had hidden just out of sight and they moved in concert to bring down the whole cliff under all of their feet.

Tynilia took to the air and grabbed Jack by his jerkin as he flung head sized boulders into their enemy’s faces.

Then everything began to happen almost too quickly to follow. Huth-allan-nith was falling and Met-A-Lock went to grab him, but unlike his allies, Vile had the ability to hover and aimed an attack at Jack while his eyes leaked an inky smoke.

Tynilia cried out and in his precarious position a thousand feet above the Earth, Jack couldn’t be sure he’d make it through a serious assault.

Tynilia chose to dive and as Vile cast a blast of black lightning their way Met-A-Lock swooped down in an attempt to grab Huth-allan-nith and found himself the recipient of Vile’s massive bolt of energy.

The Darcarre wailed in a short lived scream, but his pummeled body went silent as it tumbled without control through the rock choked avalanche.

Jack looked down and saw Huth-allan-nith’s panicked face for a moment before his falling body became lost within the choking swarm of rocks, dirt, and dust.


A dark figure flashed by them and he guessed it was Shadowknife, but who he was trying to rescue remained unknown, as was his ability to do so.

But Jack had his own problems. Vile dove after him and Tynilia. His clothes were a ragged mass of tattered reds, purples, and blacks as he prepared another spell. “Here he comes,” she yelled over the thundering boulders.

“Primus you will not escape me this time!”

“You want to bet?” Tynilia said. Then, before Jack could stop her, the sorceress of Tezcatlipoca had teleported them away.


T with sword


To be continued next Monday


Jack Dagger


Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started Here!



The Darken

The Darken

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