June 15, 2015

One second Vile Darken closed in for the kill and the next he found himself standing within a stone walled room. He still felt as though he was falling and struggled just to draw breath as he took in the room around him. Twin tables, covered with candles and books stood on either side of a comfortable looking bed. Across from this a worn wooden desk was topped with a single candelabrum. A lone wooden door was located opposite from the room’s only window. It was open and clean air drifted in, which helped him clear the dust from his lungs.

Turning toward Tynilia, he said, “What did you do? I’m not the kind of man that flees the scene of a battle and leaves the fighting to others.”

Angry Jack

She made a face. “What do you think we could have done against The Darken? I just saved both our lives.”

“We’re going to have to fight him some time.”

She crossed her arms. “Not if I can help it.”



“Take us back. We can strike at him from behind.”

“I’m going to have to call a triple dino-dung on that. Your Yiggo allies are better than anyone at hiding in the woods. If he is stupid enough to chase them into the forest, they will just keep slapping him with trees until he gets tired and heads back to his camp for a clean set of clothes and a glass of wine. If you keep pushing me, I won’t take you back at all. Maybe I could retire here. I might have another three months before he gets around to laying this place to waste.”

“I just hate that I’m not there to help.”

“We did help. We killed four of his strongest chieftains. At this point, he will probably forgo such attacks at us and just turn his attentions to his original plans of laying siege to my former village.”

“Yeah, some siege,” As he turned and gazed out the window. “Five thousand warriors backed up by dinosaurs versus two hundred men.” Below him he saw a few older folks moving about the courtyard completing various tasks, but it was easy to see that most of the castle had been emptied.

Mounted Dino

She moved in behind him and her arms circled his chest. “Come on. The Lord of this keep, the other um… you, has armor and equipment we can use. Let’s rest here, regain our strength, and them meet your allies in the morning.”

“Those that are left.” He turned to face her, but her arms stayed locked around him. “Huth and Met found their final end.”

“What Met, no big loss.”

“Were you two an item?”

She grew tense for a moment. “We all fight to protect our planet in different ways.” She smiled. “Perhaps you could help wash the taste of him out of my mouth.”

“Ah gross.”

She laughed and any laughter sounded good during time such as they were forced to endure.

She looked up at him and her brown eyes met his. “Oh, what the hell,” he said and then leaned down to kiss her.



More Mar




To be continued next Monday






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