Planning, Plotting, and Setbacks

June 22, 2015

Besides an occasional leather jacket, which never tended to last long, Jack had never owned any serious armor. That changed when he and Tynilia looted his incarnation’s armory.

As he slipped on the chainmail jacket with metal reinforced shoulders and elbows, he turned to his current lover and said, “One thing about staying in the home of a man created in your image, it’s easy to fit into his things. Hell, I think I’ll be stealing a pair of his boots too.”

Trapped Jack

When Tynilia’s only response was a nervous glance his way, the Stalwart moved in closer to her. “Are you okay? I know you and ah… the other me were lovers. I hope our nights together aren’t making things too weird for you.”

“Oh, I think sleeping with two versions of the same man goes far past being weird.” She sighed. “No, I’m not some star struck girl. Having an extra version of my lover is really low on my worry list.” She allowed herself a half grin. “I mean worse things could happen that having two strong men to enjoy some time with.”


“Then what is worrying you?”

“Besides the obvious world destroying Darken? I… I sense.”

A few seconds later a black wispiness flew into the room through the open window. Looking more like a tattered bat than anything else, it only took a moment for it to assume human form.

Jack lowered his weapon as quickly as they had been raised. The Splinter Darcarre, Shadowknife, stood before him. Wrapped in shadows and darkness, the ebony man turned to regard them with a face absent of expression.

Bruin II

“You appear to be taking your time returning to your fold. My presence wears on your Yig brothers without your guidance. Not that you seem overly concerned, but I was able to rescue your ally Huth from a certain death.” Eying Tynilia for a moment, he added, Met-A-Lock was not as lucky. The Darken’s attack finished him long before he hit the ground.”

Jack crossed his arms. “We were just leaving in fact. So The Darken didn’t manage to further injure in the warriors of Yig?”

“Oh, he unleashed his rage on the forest, but when the forest raged back, he returned to his army. However, he has stopped his advance just short of the valley where we prepared our traps. His troops have remained immobile for over a day now.”

Tynilia spoke. “That seems strange. With the army from this castle as well as the Splinters destroying his supply lines, I would think he be trying to move faster, not holding up.”

“I have spies of my own and I believe he has solved his food problem by butchering some of his dinosaurs.”

“A few less for us to kill,” Jack said.

The Xemmoni regarded him. “Perhaps, but still a lesser loss than traveling through the traps you and yours had prepared. I think what we need to concern ourselves with is what the Darken is preparing.” He paused, but then added, “One other thing. He appears to have used this time to send troops back to attack the forces of your…” his black eyes regarded Tynilia again, “other lover. From the reports I have received the forces of this castle and the splinter Darcarre are all but destroyed. The few survivors have fled into the forests.”

Dino eating Ri[ps

“Great,” Jack started. “So that just leaves less than a hundred warriors of Yig to assist the village of Tezcatlipoca which will be outnumbered more than a hundred to one.”

“Yes our cause seems hopeless, but what other choice is there,” the Darcarre said. “If The Darken gains control of this world, he will be unstoppable and will just add this world’s resources to his multi-world battle. We owe it to more than ourselves to stop him.”

Jack felt grim. “Yeah, all we have to do is figure out how.”



To be continued next Monday



The Darken

The Darken


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