We Will Strike at Midnight

July 13, 2015

It proved far easier to teleport to where he left his fellow warriors of Yig than to find them once he, Tynilia, and Shadowknife returned to the camp where they’d been forced to fight the world eater, Vile Darken.

Vile Captain

But Jack was not without skills and once he returned to the forest there wasn’t much that escaped him. He soon found a faint trail and followed it to the new encampment built by the Yig natives.


Lean-tos and sleeping platforms could just be seen as they interweaved through the dense forest. The warriors had kept busy creating spears and other weapons. A hush fell over the camp as Jack passed through the dappled sunlight and entered the small clearing in the center of the new camp.

Most of the men eyed him without kindness, but Mythcul’s face broke into a wide smile and the old shaman embraced Jack in a hardy hug. This appeared to relax the others, but as always, their language barrier slowed down his bonding with the tribe.

jack New

Using Tynilia as a communicator, they each filled each other in. Mythcul confirmed that Vile had held up his army instead of bringing it through the canyon they had prepared for him.

“Well hell,” Jack started. “Marching five thousand men and a few dozen dinosaurs through that canyon would be hard enough. Does he somehow think he can march them up a cliff?”

Without looking his way, Tynilia said, “Who knows what he is capable of doing or even thinks he’s capable of doing?”

Jack paused for a moment, but then a smile crept over his face.

“What?” Tynilia said. “What sort of crazy idea is flowing through your head this time?”


“The way I see it, there’s plenty we don’t know about what he’s doing and it would help us to find out. Besides turn about is fair play and I don’t even care about playing fair.”

“What are you talking about?” She asked.

Shadowknife spoke up. “I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit confused myself.”

“How many people can you each teleport?”

“I can do myself and one other,” Tynilia said.

“As can I,” Shadowknife added.

“It will be enough,” Jack started. “I say we teleport on the north side of their camp. Find out what they might be doing. Sabotage it as best we can. Bring the hammer down on them with our spells and then take off.”

“Oh Jack, that sounds very risky,” she said.

Shadowknife rubbed his dark chin. “True, but when you are outnumbered more than a hundred to one, you need to start taking risks and being sly. I agree to this plan.”

“Good, it looks like Huth is still wounded, ask Mythcul to find an extra man to go with you. I’ll go with Tynilia. Make any preparations you need. We will strike at midnight.”

Jack Dagger

To be continued next Monday


 Tynilia 7


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Vile Swirl

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