Rocks, Blood, and a Dead God

September 28, 2015

“Go, go!’ Jack shouted and the six remaining members of his team hurried to reach the bottom of the wide spiral staircase before the colossal flying horror could attack them. They didn’t make it.


Jack couldn’t be sure what happened to the rest of his group. A couple of them launched flint-napped spears at the thing, but it was like throwing pine needles at a crocodile. But before most of them could do more than look on in terror, a giant toadish limb the size of a rotting tree crashed into the wall and swept them off.

Jack’s world become a tumbling vortex of falling people, stone, and shouts. He hit the floor hard, but that hadn’t hurt as much as the thigh sized stone that bounced off his lower back. He wanted to moan for about a half an hour while he caught his breath, but didn’t have the time for the supposed dead God loomed over him.

Beelzebub II

Knowing that his Earth powers were all but useless in this cursed temple, Jack hurried to his feet as his eyes attempted to pierce the dust ridden stygian pit. A single torch shouldered on the floor casting a dim light, which allowed him to see Tynilia as she struggled to push a pile a debris off her pinned legs. Jack hurried to her side as ear rending screams filled the air. He was just pushing away a large stone with the edge of his battle axe when a wave of liquid showered down over both of them. Tynilia opened her mouth to scream for they realized at once that it was blood.

Before she could empty her lungs, an ebony hand clamped over her mouth. Jack looked back just in time to see Shadowknife behind her before the Darcarre shrouded them all within his darkness Bestow. Whispers of his mental speech feathered at the front of Jack’s mind.

“Be silent, be still. The Dead God is busy devouring my apprentice. We…” but then his telepathic voice faded away for the creature had flown off.

Bruin II

The trio watched as the titanic flying horror returned down the tunnel it had erupted from.

As its loud buzzing faded, again Shadowknife was the first to speak. “It might be returning to insure your allies of Yig do not escape, that is, if they still live.”

Jack growled in anger and then said, “Help me get her free.” He saw that Tynilia’s bare legs had become a gruesome mess and hurried to use his Ki to heal her.



“Jack, don’t waste all your mystic strength on me.”

“With how limited I am down in this pit, there isn’t much else I can use it for.” He said, but then stood at full height and looked around the base of the pit. He located the torch and held it aloft. The fire burned brighter, but still did little to illuminate much of the vast darkness.

Of the rest of there party there remained no sign. “Did anyone see what happened?”

Tynilia didn’t say a word and just shook her head no as she hugged her arms around her narrow form.

Shadowknife took a step forward and kicked a severed hand out of a lingering pool of blood. “As I have said, Strike has fallen prey to the Mad God. I believe I may have seen Huth running into the tunnel the Mad God just entered. He might have been attempting to save your allies.”


“He was guarding the rear of the party. Of him I have seen no sign. If he was close I would sense him. Perhaps he was the first of us to fall during this most recent assault.”

“Perhaps,” Jack said. “I’m not ordering or expecting either of you to follow me, but I can’t leave here when so many of us could still be living.”

“But Jack,” Tynilia began, “How can you hope to stop that thing?”

“I don’t have to stop it to rescue my allies. We’re Yig worshippers. If we all became serpents, you two could snatch us up and could fly us out right?”

“In theory such a plan could work,” Shadowknife said, “but there is no guarantee I can fly faster than the Mad God.”

“I have to try. Tynilia if you feel this is too much for you…”


“My whole life is too much for me, but if you think I’ll be staying here alone, you are out of your mind. Let’s just get this over with. The building dread is worse than anything.”

With silent nods the remaining three warriors set off into the tunnel the beast had returned too.


Fly God


To be continued next Monday


Creepy Pit II


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