Killing A Dead God

October 13, 2015

As the party struggled to recover from the terror filled scream still echoing through the subterranean darkness. Jack felt like each of his hairs standing on end had raw nerves struggling to sense movement.


The ebony form of Shadowknife turned toward them. “She screams because the Dead God comes for us!”


“Okay hurry,” Jack shouted. “Tell Huth and Vel to become serpents and then fly us out of here!” Huth became a snake quickly, but Jack quickly realized that Vel had suffered too much trauma to follow instructions and might not have even heard them.

“Ty, carry the two men,” Shadowknife yelled and the in a single fluid motion he grabbed Vel-linna and flew off heading back up the pit they had descended down.

Jack hurried to assume serpent form and was snatched up by Tynilia before the change had completed.


Wind rushed by his scaled body as he lost the world of sound. He traveled through the dark with only Tynilia’s tight grip grounding him to reality. When they reached the lip of the pit, she dropped down and tossed the two men of Yig to the floor. Both he and Huth hurried to make the transformation back to human.

Arms and legs formed as his body grew and stretched. As his hearing returned, Jack heard the buzzing roar of the Dead God pursuing them below. Tynilia yelled something, but her body had turned away from both them and the pit. Moving his head, Jack saw that the Stalker’s lean body stood not five yards from them. Why the Stalwart of Tezcatlipoca has chosen to retreat instead of helping them, remained unknown, but Jack knew they had to act quickly or they’d lose more of them to the fiend below.

As Jack’s body returned to human, his eyes scanned for anything that would help, but besides a few crumbled benches and the statue the room…was…

“Hurry, Shadowknife, Stalker, get behind the statue of this damn Dead God.”

“Wait, why, we should scatter. Some of us might make it,” Stalker argued.

“If this works all of us will make it, now go.” Jack gestured for Huth to stay where he was while Jack raced around the edge of the pit until he reached the far side of the giant statue. “Tynilia, watch the pit, let us know how much time we have.”

Jack focused in his mystic strength and enacted his most powerful spell. Under usual circumstances Jack could have used his Mold Earth spell to clear the area in front of the statue in moments, but as they had suspected, the ground within the temple remained cursed. Its corruption fought against his magic. Jack struggled on regardless.

Once Huth saw Jack using his Mold Earth spell in front of the statue, he realized the Stalwart’s plan and joined in, but still the darkened earth fought back against their efforts.


“It’s no use,” Stalker yelled. “The ground it corrupted. We need to-”

“Jack, he may be right,” Tynilia cried. “I can see it coming. Oh by the gods its close!”

Tynilia 5

But then, with a cry, the female Shaman, Vel-Linna, stepped forward and joined her powers with her fellow warriors of Yig. Jack had been told she was a powerful sorceress, but that hadn’t prepared him for the swelling of mystic might that crashed into the ground beneath the titanic idol.

For a moment he heard the buzzing of the Dead God, but then it was drowned out by the avalanche of earth. The massive statue followed it and the Dead God screeched a foul scream as first the earth and then the statue buried him under tons of stone and debris.

Fly God

The earth shook and the members of his team fought to maintain their footing as a dust ridden silence fell upon them. They paused just trying to fill their lungs with air and that was when a sliver of sunshine fell into the chamber.

No words were spoken as the group moved out into the daylight. Vel-Linna had again entered into her trace-like state and needed to be guided by Huth. As one they looked toward the dawn while trying to clean some of the filth off their bodies and clothes.

“Eight went in and six remain,” Shadowknife said.
“Let’s hope it’s enough to complete our quest to enlist the aid of the Lava Dragons,” Jack said, as he tossed his axe over his shoulder.

“We still have to make it there first,” Stalker grumbled.

Jack eyed him, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to leave enemies at my back and horrid beasts thriving in my wake. Yes, the cost was high, but who knows what the cost has been letting that evil linger.”

Angry Jack

No one had an answer from him, so with both weary body and mind, Jack turned toward the north and started walking.


Yig Girl


To be continued next Monday


Jack Offworld


Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started Here!




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