Dalliance and Danger

November 9, 2015

He awoke with a goodly amount of attractive female cleavage hovering over his face. In most cases this would not be an undesirable situation, but when one isn’t sure where he was or who crouched near him, it loses some of its appeal.

“What the hell just happened?”

The forest female drew back. Some leaves fell from her already immodest covering leaving her looking more like a voluptuous naked woman with a few twigs and leaves stuck to her than anything close to being clothed.

Dryad II

Undaunted, she moved back toward him and brushed her fingers over his chest. “I have used the powers of the forest to transport us. There is much more about the forest I could teach you,” he purred.

Jack tried to sit up without bowling her over. “If I remember correctly, we’re here because you said two of my companions are about to be eaten.”

“Oh, you are no fun. We probably still have a few hours before the Angry Ones start preparing them for dinner.” Her long hair shimmered where it fell across her shoulders. Each time he looked at her, it appeared to be a different color—sometimes blonde, other times red, and quite often green.

good woods

He just stared at her until she stood up and withdrew a few feet away. He watched her, watch him, as he regained his footing.

Yet as soon as he stood, she cuddled up to him again. “My, you are a strong one. I don’t see many males traveling through my forest as impressive as you.”

He fumbled to create distance between them. “Do you have a name?”

“Oh yes. Many call me the flower of the forest, but one of my names that would be easier for you to pronounce would be Dylla.”

“Great, now I must admit that you are a lovely woman, but I’m the kind of guy that can’t really relax and enjoy the finer things in life if I know my allies could be getting devoured at any moment, so could you lead me to where they’re being held?”

She backed up and regarded him as she folded her arms under her almost bare breasts. “I wouldn’t be in such a rush to head there if I were you. As many as sixty Angry Ones have gathered. Aren’t they both evil anyway? Perhaps you should just leave them to their fate.”

“If you wanted to leave them to their fate, why would you bother to bring me here?”

She looked away and picked up and small mole. It chirped as she petted its furry head. “I thought it was obvious that I fancied you. But it seems you are more interested in getting yourself killed than having a little fun.”

“I’m interested in many things,” Jack began, while straightening his weapons and gear. “But I think rescuing my allies in chief among them”

“Well, you will probably just get yourself killed. The Angry Ones use blow darts which are covered in poison.”


“Poison tends to not affect me much these days. I’m one with Yig and he provides for his followers.”

She tilted her head and gazed at him with renewed interest. “So you are of the forest as well? Interesting…” her voice had returned to sultry mode.

“Which is again something we can discus later…”

Jack Offworld

“Very well. I shall let you prove your worthiness. Follow along.”

He tried not to stare at her nimble departing form, but didn’t resist for too long.

*         *         *

Half an hour later found them looking down at a primitive camp of mud covered freakish creatures. There were close to men, but he wouldn’t have labeled them as such.

Large squares heads sat on bulky shoulders. Clothes remained sparse, but each of the half-man things had painted their bodies in mud and charcoal giving them a dark filthy appearance. Many had attempted to make dark outlines of skeletons over their gray bodies. Besides the blow guns, most carried crude spears and clubs.

Caveman II

Shadowknife and Stalker were both tied to a tree in the middle of a circle of low huts. Neither moved and Jack guessed they remained paralyzed. Before them many of the Angry Ones stayed busy stacking a giant pile of firewood.

Turning toward Dylla, he saw her looking tense and stern. In a low voice he asked, “You have any ideas?”

“Yes, we go back and sample some of the lovely nectars the flowers provide me.”

Jack groaned and looked back down at the two bound men. “This is going to suck.”


Dryad III


To be continued next Monday



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