Pleasure Prison

December 7, 2015

When the troublesome Dryad, Dylla’s, spell ceased to whirl him in chaotic circles, Jack found himself dumped onto his hands in knees within what he guessed to be the hollow of a mighty tree. Furs and flowers mixed with multi-colored glass jars and pillows of moss. Bright green vines covered the walls and small candles burned in shallow recesses.

Tree House

As Dylla turned toward him, the leaves covering her nimble body fell away leaving her delightfully feminine body exposed. Her skin had a green tint and her voice dripped with seductive intent when she said, “Mmmm, I’ve finally got you alone. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a real man within my den, let alone one as appealing as you.”


Jack hurried to his feet while saying, “Well, not having a door might slow down the number of visitors you receive, but where are my allies? You said you brought them here.”

Dylla II

“Oh them. Not a concern. They are still paralyzed by the Angry Ones darts. I have them safely locked into pens where I sometimes tend to sick animals.” She approached until her warm body pressed against his. “They are of no concern to us. Their condition will last long enough for us to at least start the fun we can share together.”


“You aren’t making this easy are you?” Jack said, as he felt himself growing flushed.


“This can be as easy as you like.”


As Jack tried to remove himself from her ample form, he said, “That I don’t doubt. You seem to be quite easy.”


“Oooo,” she said, growing angry. “And why are you making this so hard? I’d like to be exploring how hard you can get in a different manner.”


“I’m sort of seeing someone right now.”


“What, that darksider girl? I thought servants of Yig embraced nature.” She batted her eyes. “I’m part of nature. Embrace me.”


“Ergg…in most ways, there’s nothing I’d rather do. You’re quite beautiful and alluring and I’m well know for…spreading my seed around, so to speak, but I try to be a one woman at a time man and it’s quite possible that my friends I left back at our camp could be in trouble. I would never forgive myself if something happened to them while I lived the high life here with you.”

Jack Jack

Moving away, she crossed her arms under her quite naked and ample breasts. “We dryads tend to be solitary folk. We wouldn’t know what having friends in this manner would entail.”


“Well then I’m sorry for you.” Moving closer to her again, he took her into his arms for a gentle hug. “Perhaps you could be our friend now.”


Once in his arms, she looked up. “Mmmm, have you changed your mind?”


“Dylla…please. We could really use your help. If you help us, you aren’t just helping a few people, you’re helping our quest. If we don’t succeed, you will lose your forest and then your world. We’re on the same side and we need your assistance.”


She appeared to find a resolve. “Very well then. I agree to assist you warrior of the wood. What would you have me do?”


“Getting us all back to my camp would be a pretty good start.”


Leaves formed over her body once more and she gave him a playful smile before once again his body became a swirling of colors and he was magically transported through the forest.


good woods



To be continued next Monday




Find out how Jack’s Adventures Started Here!


Spider girl


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