Delays, Downtime, and Decisions

December 28, 2015

It took a long while for both pairs of poisoned Stalwarts to regain their ability to function. Dylla proved more serious when confronted by fiends trying to damage her forest and helped Jack burn down the rest of the evil cocoon of webbing with almost no attempts to get him to sleep with her.

Dylla III

He wasn’t sure if it was the sight of the near naked wood nymph fluttering past her every few minutes, but Tynilia was the first to regain her movement. She relaxed a bit once both Jack and Dylla were forthcoming with the update that Jack had not indulged in the dryad’s charms.


Soon the other men regained their abilities and Jack allowed himself the luxury of sleep. Tynilia slept with her head on his chest. Jack couldn’t be sure if it was because she was happy they were both alright or to keep Dylla at bay.

Tynilia 6

In the end, Dylla did get herself a Yig worshipper and despite their hardships and losing Vel-Linna, Jack had never seen Huth look happier. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, no matter how much shit life throws at you, Jack mused.


Even with their pressing need for time, the team allowed themselves a couple of down days. He would have liked to rest, but they did everything but. Food and water was collected. Weapons and equipment were repaired.


With those days behind him, Jack figured his meager team would be as ready as they could be and gathered them all around their campfire. The sun played through the forest leaves as a small breakfast was shared. He looked from one companion to the other and then gained his feet.


“I suppose it’s time we were on our way.” A few groans were their only response. He sighed. “Our eight has become five unless I can convince you to join us, Dylla.”


“I can not join you, but I can aid you in another way.” Then before anyone could move or reply, the world became an explosion of color as the dryad used her spell to transport them through the forest as she had done with Jack several times before.


A minute later they were dumped on the ground at what appeared to be the edge of her forest. Before them snow covered peaks blocked most of the northern sky.


“This is a far as I can take you, but I have saved you several days of hard travel.” She looked quite pleased with herself and even allowed a smile to grace her petite face. “Just travel due north and you will start to see signs of the Lava Dragons. That is if you live that long. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to share a few words with Huth.”


Shadowknife and Stalker set themselves to ready the packs, while Huth and Dylla said a sad farewell.


While the others were busy, Tynilia drew near. “We’ve been through a lot already. Do you still think we can pull off the impossible?”


“Perhaps it’s because we’ve been through so much that we have a chance.” He put his arm around her waist. “Either way, we made it here and have no choice but to see this through.”


Worry owned her face. “Do you really think we can convince the dragons to help us against The Darken?”


“I guess I had better be, because we’re about to stake our lives on it.”


Thanks for following Jack’s adventures this year and return next Monday for the beginning of the climax of Jack Offworld Adventure


Creepy ruins



To be continued next Monday


Dryad II


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Dragn Molten

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