Talons, Fangs, and Death

February 29, 2016

The mannish things roared loud challenges as they rushed at Jack’s small group. There might have been enough of man-beasts that each of his team would be forced to fight more than three at once. Jack took them in as they leapt over black stones and tore through drifts of snow. They appeared to be a strange mix between would he would consider ogre and a yeti. Thick wide shoulders stretched over layers of corded muscle, while their eight foot forms were covered with thick yellowed hair.


His team answered their roar with a shout of their own and then it was on. Tynilia, Huth, and Stalker threw spears into their midst. Most of these did damage, but were nowhere near enough to take one down. Although Stalker’s second toss scored one in the face and it stumbled back with a howl.


Shadowknife and Jack took a different approach and hit them with their arcane Magicks. Jack focused on his Earth Magick, but was instantly dismayed when he discovered that the frozen ground proved difficult to command. He tripped up a few of them, but the spell had a minimal affect.


Shadowknife’s Black Vein Bestow had a better result, and he engulfed several of them in a dark cloud of thorny darkness. Still Jack couldn’t help but wince as he remembered how many times he’d felt the cold lash of the Darcarre chief attack. But even his Bestow failed to drop a foe, although the Yeti-things that emerged appeared quite wounded.


“We are in some serious trouble here,” Jack yelled as he drew his oversized battle axe from off his back.


Tynilia addressed him as she tossed another spear at the nearing beasts. “Jack try your Earth Magick on the snow!”

Yeti T II

He had never considered such a thing, but changed his focus to the large banks of snow that littered the mountain side. He felt it working and it made sense. Snow was part of nature and nature was his ally.


With a yell, he raised his arms upward and jets of snow exploded into the air. He quickly used his Magick to form these into giant snow snakes and sent as many as he could crashing down into and across his enemies. He had been able to make eight of them and might have taken out half that number while knocking another eight off their feet.

Yeti II

The group had slowed and wounded the Yeti, but they had reached his party. Jack took out the leading one by splinting its skull down the center. The other warriors impaled three more by bracing their spears. Shadowknife hit the same group he had wounded with another Black Veins and this proved enough to take down another five of them.


Jack lost track of the others as two huge Yeti’s rushed in at him. A swing of his axe chopped off one of the beast’s arm, but then they both barreled into him. He went flying off his feet and landed hard. They remained standing, moved in, and soon his world became nothing but fangs and talons as they tore into him. Only his armor and his mystic protection of Yig kept him from being rended apart.

Yeti Fight

He landed a blow with his axe, but he couldn’t even be sure where, before it was dashed out of his hands. His fingers tore two daggers off his belt and he began to fight back with some talons of his own. He might have been screaming as he drove a dagger point first into one of their eyes.


The remaining one used his only arm to grab Jack by the neck and slam him to the ground. Jack started sawing away at the thing’s wrist. It roared and leaned in to bite Jack’s’ forehead.


Jack cried out as blood washed over him and filled his eyes. He stabbed out digging his dagger into the beasts’ neck and face. The thing roared, but in pain this time. With a final gasp it went limp and crashed down on Jack. Its giant skull cracked Jack in the center of his forehead and Jack knew no more.



Yeti Jack



To be continued next Monday


Yeti Girl


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