Last Day

April 4, 2016

Stalker and Shadowknife had seen the glowing fires of the active volcano and they returned to the cave. Some luck had found them because they had slain a small rabbit like mammal before their return. Jack stoked the fire while Tynilia grumbled about being forced to do woman’s work while she gutted the small creature.


“So what is the plan now?” Stalker asked from the shadows. He’d wrapped his fur cloak around himself until his entire body was obscured, save his face, which rested in shadow.


Jack had been sharpening his axe, but paused as he looked his way. “I’m not sure what you expect me to say. We march there tomorrow. We should be able to make the journey in a day. Once there, we find a safe way in and try to figure out if these Lava Dragons are more than just a myth. If they are real and still breathing, then we’ll work together to figure out a way to communicate with them.”


Stalker didn’t let the matter go. “Even if we can communicate with them and they also don’t try to eat us. And we can also find our way into an active volcano, what makes you think they’d be willing to help us?”

Ice V

“If I can get them to see that Vile will be coming for them later, when he’s stronger and has put down all his other enemies, perhaps they will be smart enough to relive that this is their best chance to eliminate a threat that will one day be finding them.”


Shadowknife spoke up. “I do not mean to dash water onto our goal, but I believe you are assuming they will think like humans and use logic, which in both cases seems unlikely.”

jack New

“Well we didn’t come all this way to give up now in sight of the place,” Jack stated. “All we can do is give it our best shot. None of these issues are new. We knew what we were getting into before we left.” He looked around the cave. “Are some of you having seconds thoughts? Would you have us turn back and face Vile’s dinosaur mounted horde with our axes and spears?”


Tynilia joined the discussion. “I don’t think anyone is suggesting that, Jack. We just want to have an outline, a plan.”

Tynilia 6

Jack paused and rubbed his temples. “Okay, I hear you, but I really think this might be a one step at a time process. First we get in. Then we see if they even exist. We try to talk to them and do they best we can with what we got.”


“And if that doesn’t work?” Stalker asked.


“They we try to escape with our lives. Now let’s cook that wannbe rabbit of yours. We’re going to need an early start. One way or another I have a feeling this will be our last day of hiking for a long while.”


The small group regarded each other and the silence was only interrupted by the raging wind.




To be continued next Monday


Yeti Girl


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Dragn Molten

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