Dragons, Secrets, and Surprises

May 9, 2016

As the colossal dragon drew enough air into its lungs to fill a stadium, Jack knew he only had seconds to act before he and Tynilia would be burned into ash. His mystic strength remained at a low ebb after healing himself and Tynilia, so he would only have one chance to save them.

dragon golden

Without thinking the possibilities through, he once again assumed the form of a serpent. This time he became the largest snake he could manage. As he transformed, he felt the last of his Ki drain away. This had better work, he thought to himself, because I don’t think my axe will do the trick against a five hundred foot long dragon.


While he changed, he drew himself up as high as his new body would allow, it was still like a worm looking up at an eagle, but it proved to be the best he could accomplish.

Snake giant

The dragon hesitated. Glowing golden eyes glared down at him.  It tilted its head like a confused puppy for a moment and jets of steam poured from its nostrils as it closed its massive jaws.


Jack realized, as he swayed there, that one of the drawbacks of his plan would be his inability to converse, but who even knew if these dragons spoke?


He detected movement behind him and saw Tynilia dropping to her knees and then bowing until her head pressed against the floor. She stayed there long enough for Jack to wonder what she might be doing. The moment stretched and then grew longer.


He couldn’t be sure if he should remain in serpent form or try some other plan, but felt that given the situation he should place his trust in his lover.


After another long pause, she raised her head from the floor. “You can become a human again, Jack.”


After he returned to his human body, he regarded the titanic dragon for a few seconds and then turned to her. “What did you do?”


“I conversed with the dragon telepathically.”


“You can do that? Why didn’t you ever tell me?”


She flashed a slight smile his way. “A woman has to keep a few secrets. Besides it might have made you nervous if you knew I could read your thoughts.”


His face grew stern. “Have you done that?”


“Oh course. Don’t worry, you passed. Why do you think I trust you so much?”


He coughed and jerked his thumb at the dragon towering over them like a scaled mountain. “What about this guy?”




“First off, she is a she, and she thought your little trick was adorable by the way, but I’m thinking it saved us. That and they fact that we are a mated pair, also gave her pause. Especially when I told her I was pregnant.”


His jaw hung open while he fumbled for words. “What? Huh, wait what?”


She smiled at him. “Sorry handsome, what did you think would happen? You are quite a potent specimen.”


“By Yig’s scaly beard. I ah… maybe we should talk about that later when an army destroying dragon isn’t waiting on us.”


She couldn’t keep the smile off her face. “I agree. She is calling for a…friend to watch over her eggs while she takes us to meet their king. She says we should prepare ourselves for he’s the truly powerful one.”


“If he’s much bigger than her, I hope he aren’t too small for him to notice us.”


She laughed and seemed happier than he’d seen her in weeks. She slipped her hand into his and they followed the dragon as she led them deeper into the towering cavern.


Dragn Molten


Come back next Monday to see if Jack and his allies can somehow survive.


Forest Jack

Forest Jack

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