Circle of Pain

July 11, 2016

Jack found Tynilia garbed for war. A dark cloak rode over some form fitting chainmail, with grieves, which had obviously been designed for a woman. She had over a dozen weapons littering the floor about her, like she sat in the center of a violent symbol. Throwing axes, edged hammers, and knives formed a circle, with two triangles attached to it. The triangles pointed inwards and she sat between them.

Mar in response

Yes, Tynilia looked ready for war, in every way, say her spirit. Her shoulders slumped under a face looking half a degree away from letting tears flow.


He stepped closer, but she stopped him. “Don’t enter the circle of pain.”


“What in Yig’s name does that mean?”


She looked up at him for the first time. “I’m casting a spell of dark vengeance. Vile will pay for killing my mate.”


Jack played with his fingers. Despite her words it remained impossible for him to forget that he was the one mating with her more often than not over the past three months.


Without warning, she stood. Marching forward, her boots kicked the weapons aside with a load clatter. I’m done. Let’s go.” She walked past him toward the exit as she spoke.


“Go where.”

Angry Jack

She turned with her eyes full of brown fire. “To war. To finish this. Someone will drown in their own blood before the day is through.”


Setting his jaw, he took a step forward and grasped her by the arm. “Are you sure you’re level. We have to play this smart. I don’t need any hotshoting out there. This is going to be hard enough without you taking insane risks.”


Yanking her arm away, she glared at him before saying, “This is my world, my lands, my people, I will fight for them however I choose, outsider.”


Jack drew back. “Ty, please, we can’t go into the battle with any bad blood between us. I only care about you and want to see you still standing when it is over.”


“Too late. We will each fight our own battles this day, man of the snake.”


Then she disappeared into the corridor leaving him alone. “Fucking great,” he grumbled and then set himself to picking up all her collected launching weapons. They would go well with the spears he’d already gathered.


It was only after he’d drawn closer to the weapons did he see the dark symbol of evil had been burned into the stone.


tynilia Jag


Come back next Monday to see if Jack and Tynilia can somehow survive.


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The Darken

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