Saving Their World

July 18, 2016

The wind whipped Jack hair around his head like a hundred flailing snakes. He grit teeth from his place on the back of the mighty dragon, Thrashing Storm. He had a thousand worries ripping into his mind including the final battle for the control of this wild world he found himself on.

Angry Jack

Were the last of the tribes still holding out against the forces of Vile Darken? Even with the aid of the Lava Dragons, could they hope to stop an army as vast as Vile’s?


But despite the future of a whole planet resting on their backs, his thoughts still lingered on Tynilia. Why had they fought right before the most deadly day of their lives? Why had she insisted to fly on her own dragon, a female named Flame Dancer?

Thrashing Storm

Shaking his head, he had to clear away such negative thoughts, but as he looked over at Tynilia, constantly trying to push her dragon ahead of the pack, he worried over her safety. The smallest mistakes would mean their end. Also as he watched her long black cape moving behind her like a flag of darkness, he realized that he needed her and had to admit, no woman had ever captured his heart as she had.


“We approach human. It begins.” Trashing Storm voice brought him back to the present and Jack once again saw the black scar that marred the earth and also marked the location of The Darken army. Two hundred thousand men cursed, clustered, and road hundreds of dinosaurs of different sizes and shapes.

Dino eating Ri[ps

He saw at once that the last village, Tynilia’s former home, the village of Tezcatlipoca, had long fallen. Nothing opposed The Darken army…except them.


Tynilia spun off to the east diving down toward the village, while the rest of the flight headed straight toward the army.

darkness within

Not wanting her to be on her own, Jack cursed and tried to force Trashing Storm to follow Flame Dancer.


The mighty dragon grunted. “You humans are quite devoted to your mates.”


Jack gave a growl through his teeth. “I suppose we are.”


Behind him he heard the dragons roar a warning. Looking back, Jack saw dozens of flying dinosaurs with wide leathery wings. On top of each road a tattooed warrior with a lance. Several were burnt from the sky with massive plumbs of fire, but those that reached the dragons thundered into their ranks with jets of pure darkness, which erupted from the long lances.

Dragon Fire II

Jack had felt the bite of sure attacks before and looked on in dismay as two dragons already plummeted toward their doom.


While some fought on against the flying adversaries, other laid in on the forces below. Huge expanding explosions of lava poured from the throats of the dragons and killed everything it touched. Men and monsters died by the thousand. Most didn’t have the time to scream before their bodies burned so quickly that not even ash remained.

Dragon Fire III

Soon Jack turned his attentions back on Tynilia and he saw she had almost reached the ruminants of her village. Nothing remained but tatters of cloth, splintered trees, mud, and the bodies of the dead. Both the tribes of Yig and Tezcatlipoca had made their final stand here, for all the good it did them.


Tynilia appeared to be landing regardless of the lack of life and that was when a violent blast of black lightning struck Flame Dancer in the chest, the dragon reeled for a moment, tried to recover, but when a second bolt hit her, she rolled to her side and smashed through the trees to the east of the former village.


“Vile!” Jack said the name like a curse. “Vile’s down there.”


Then he saw him. Vile’s incarnation had adopted much of the ways of this world. Dark tattoos flowed over him constantly—moving and leaking an inky smoke. Bones and obsidian hung from his ears and pierced through random parts of his flesh. He wore only a black jaguar loincloth and a cloak made from the hides of massive snakes, an insult to both the tribes, Jack supposed. The one thing he always had, however, was the Cutlass of the abyss. The most powerful weapon, Jack had ever known. It burned through all it touched, even the molecules passing through the air, melted and dripped into a burning death as he passed.

Vile Darken

“This battle is not for you my brother,” Jack said to the dragon as he flew straight at Darken.


“I choose my own battles,” Trashing Storm roared and launched a blast of fire onto the foul evil of Vile Darken.


Vile raised a hand and created an orb of protection around himself. Lave piled onto the orb and as he watched Jack could tell even Vile’s magicks were hard pressed to keep such destruction at bay.

Thinder's Flame

So instead Vile teleported to the other side of the massive clearing. Thrashing Storm tried to twist to the north, but it became his turn to be attacked. A jagged ray of pure darkness crashed into the dragon’s belly and it screamed.


Turning, it tried to breathe on Vile once again, but the villain proved faster and a second blast had Thrashing Storm plummeting into the center of the destroyed village.

Dragon Fall

At the last moment Jack leapt from his ally’s falling body and rolled through the ruins.


Disregarding the damage, Jack snatched up his enchanted hammer and rushed to his feet. She saw Vile Darken walking toward him, like the assuredness of death.


“I was hoping I’d get to enjoy your death myself, Primus. It isn’t often that one of my incarnations gets to kill two of yours on a single planet.”


Jack lifted his hammer. “Come and get some. Only one of us walks away this day.”

jack Fire

Vile closed the distance and then stopped fifty feet shy of him. “Since the last three times we fought, you fled from me, that seems a hollow boast.”


“I’m not running today.”


“Correct, today you do nothing but die!”


Jack looked on is dismay realizing that Vile had no intention of fighting far and as a ray of dark death raced toward him, he prepared for the worst.


jack Armor


Come back next Monday to see if Jack and Tynilia can somehow survive.

 Vile Darken Wiz

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