The Final Climax of Jack Primus Versus Vile Darken

July 25, 2016

As the jet of black boiling death raced towards him, Jack wondered how he’d be able to have a chance of winning if he couldn’t survive the first attack. He’d felt the bite of Darken’s death spell before and almost failed to survive.

Vile III

Right before it crashed into him like a wide ebony ghost, Tynilia teleported twenty feet over’s Vile and landed on his head with both feet as she plummeted to the Earth.  A blown which would have killed any normal man, was only met with curses from the Overlord, however his spell became disrupted before it reached Jack.


Jack let out a roar and sprinted full out toward Vile Darken. Tynilia already had her spirit dagger out, but her thrust into Vile’s ribs failed to draw any blood.

Amy Face

“Pathetic tramp. The last of your people, why do you even try?” He emphasized his words by giving Tynilia a casual slap across the face, which sent her reeling back into the ruins of her village.


Vile looked down on her for a moment. “Perhaps I’ll-”


Jack’s enchanted hammer took him full in the chest. Vile let out a yell as his body lifted two feet into the air and then it became his turn to go crashing into the remnants of the village.

jack Armor

“For once I won’t have to listen to some boost involving raping the…”


He swung the hammer in a mighty two handed over head blow. And his teeth rattled when Vile blocked the blow with only one hand on his cutlass. Jack took a step back feeling stunned. How could he have blocked my most mighty blow, one armed, while on his back?


“You can’t beat me. Not here, not on this world with all the power I’ve accumulated.” Vile’s free hand pointed at Jack and a bolt of black lightning crashed into his chest.

Vile Darken

Instead of flinching, Jack took a step forward and grit his teeth as he tried to suck up the pain and damage. “Grrraaaahhh.”


Vile had gained his footing and looked on with a half grin enjoying Jack’s pain until the hammer whipped around and took Vile in the neck. The Overlord took a step back and Tynilia’s dagger flew into his face and then returned to her hand. She threw again.

Yeti T II

This time Vile blocked her blade and Jack used the opened to pummel Vile’s chest with his hammer.


Vile stayed on his feet this time and lashed out at Jack with his horrid cutlass, but the Stalwart danced back a pace. Vile came in swinging. Jack parried the blows, but then Vile took a wild stab at Tynilia, but she countered by taking to the air and continuously throwing her dagger at his face. The weapon appeared unable to do much damage to Vile’s layer of mystical protection, but she did block his view and keep him more confused and Jack tore into Darken’s back with his hammer when Vile focused on Tynilia.

jack Fire

Vile cursed at the woman and turned to face Jack. He came at Jack with the Cutlass of Entropy. Jack Backpedaled and struggled to block the attacks. Yet the cutlass was light and the hammer bulky.


Tynilia teleported just off to the side, between Jack and Vile. “With pricks like this, sometimes the old ways work best.” The Overlord sneered her way until she flung a fistful of blacken ash into his eyes. “Choke on my village you insane Bastard!” She screamed and then threw her dagger point first into his face.

Tynilia 5

This time it drew a drop of blood.


“His Bestows are weakening!” Jack shouted and swung in under Vile’s guard and took him in the knee.

Jack Stern

Vile stumbled back a step, touched a device on his belt, and a glimmered tube of tan electricity surrounded him.


“I’ve seen these before. Keep throwing your dagger. Hand held weapons are useless. If I hit that wall I’ll electrocute myself. Keep attacking. I have an idea.”

Vile Darken Wiz

Jack sprinted to Thrashing Storm’s still body. The dragon might have been alive or dead, but it was the barrel of weapons, Jack had affixed to the saddle, that he was after. Tynilia had used twenty weapons to create her, Circle of Pain, and Jack had gathered them all. Mostly daggers and throwing axes had been used and while Tynilia fought on from her flight twenty feet off the ground, Jack drew a hand axe out of the barrel and ran back toward Vile.


The hand axe went twirling at Vile as he ran.  It smashed against the electric field, but instead of reflecting, like a normal weapon, it exploded into a burst of inky smoke, which passed through the tan wall. At first Jack thought the wall was stronger than he thought, but then he saw the looks of dismay cross Vile’s continence and heard him choking on the vapors.


Jack threw another axe while he ran toward the battle and it had the similar result.


Tynilia threw her Spirit Dagger at the wall with all her strength and Jack saw the field visibly weaken.


“Enough of this foolishness,” Vile cried and then blasted Tynilia with one of his Stygian bolts of lightning.

Vile Darken II

She emitted a short lived scream and then Jack looked on in horror as his lover fell almost thirty feet before hitting the earth.


“You’ll die this day,” Jack hissed and then threw dagger after dagger at the wall.


“Use all your weapons against my Nexus wall. The wall might outlast your weapons, or your weapons might outlast the wall, either way, I will be chopping you into smaller and smaller pieces. How much should I chop off before you watch me rape your mate, that’s if she still lives?” Black smoke leaked from his eyes and he favored Jack with a smile of pure insanity. “Actually even if she is dead, I’ll have my way with her and…”


Vile started to cough again as more and more clouds of inky smoke blinded him.

“What’s the matter, you evil freak, use up all your Bestows taking down the village and the dragons? I think you’re out of those spells or you’d be using them on my right now.”


Dagger, dagger, axe, dagger and then it was done, the wall had gone down before he ran out of weapons.


With a growl, Vile advanced. Jack threw two more weapons, but then hurried to snatch up his hammer.

Wife fuck

Vile swung a blow and Jack blocked it with the head of the hammer. The Stalwart leaned in and clocked Vile on the chin with the handle of his weapon.


“Enough!” Vile shouted and spun in a circle.


Jack gasped in agony as the slash cut through three of his ribs. The cutlass drove a burning shard of supernatural pain through him that far surpassed his violent wound. Jack could barely see and he couldn’t draw air into his lungs.


Vile dashed the hammer form his hands


“See you never had a chance against me.”


Vile raised his cutlass and Thrashing Storm’s titanic mouth clapped down on his arm.


They both roared. Thrashing Storm came away with Vile’s sword arm below the elbow, but also had the Cutlasss of Entropy piercing through the roof of his mouth.


The Dragon roared in pain and took to the air. It only made it a few hundred yards before it crashed into the towering trees, but he’d moved the weapon far enough away from Vile.

Thunder's Flame II

The Overlord looked down at his arm and screamed until Jack gave him the meanest right hook of his life. His left took the villain in the gut and an elbow smashed Vile in the Jaw. The left fist took him in the ear and Jack screamed in fury as he put everything he had into a right fist to the jaw that sent Vile tumbling off his feet into a pile over burn logs.

Angry Jack

The Overlord wiped his lip. “Fool, think I’m spent. I’m never stent.” Jack rushed toward him, but Vile raised his left hand and a noose of shimmering darkness encased his throat. Jack struggled for breath as a nerve shattering pain owned his body and mind. Like death itself, the undulating foulness strangled him.


He fought and his legs kicked. He drew a dagger off his belt and tossed it, but it missed and Vile just laughed.

Vile Darken III

Despite his severed and weeping arm, Vile sat up and a wicked smile creased his blood spattered lips. “Oh yes. You gave it your all, but the efforts of you and your ilk are the multiverse’s last dying gasp. Soon we will finish you and roll over these worlds. Everything, everything that is or will ever be, belongs to me and my fellow incarnations.”


Jack looked on at his most hated foe, while his vision blurred. He had tried everything… He remembered to heal himself, but the damage continued and he knew he had only bought himself another thirty seconds of life.


A black jet of speed moved behind Vile. Before Jack fully understood what he saw, Tynilia’s bruised and bloody form appeared. She pulled back Vile Darken’s head by his oily hair, while her right hand drew her soul dagger across his throat in a wild angry slash. “This is for trying to destroy my world and killing everyone I’ve even known”.


She laughed as her dagger cut again and again.


Vile fought back, but he proved too spent.


Jack crashed to the ground when the noose of death disappeared. He tried to just breathe, but when Tynilia shouted, he had to look up. Shivers raced down his spine and he open mouthed stared at Tynilia as she raised the severed head of her world’s incarnation of Vile Darken.



Tynilia II


Come back next Monday to see what choices Jack and Tynilia will make in the aftermath of Vile Darken’s Death.


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