Multi-Verse Leap

August 22, 2016

Jack had almost repressed the gut retching terror of entering into the core of the Multi-Verse. The feeling of falling through infinity ripped at his body and soul. Round doorways of every color led to worlds racing around him by the thousands. His body twirled with no reference to up or down, left or right.



He forced himself to focus through the distorted reality no human should ever be forced to experience and thought, not for the first time, that it remained no surprise Vile Darken had lost his mind after experiences such as this.


Then he remembered Tynilia. He panicked but felt she still clutched his hand in hers. In the back of his mind, he could somehow tell she screamed. It proved a struggle, but he was able to push the handle of his hammer through his belt. Moving his body in an arc, he grabbed her other hand, so they could look face to face.


Tynilia 5


He tried to utter words of encouragement, but they were lost in the void. Instead he forced himself forward and gave her a long kiss. She rewarded him with a smile and her warrior-self took over. Her hands tightened within his and she gave him a nod.


Gritting his teeth, he turned his attentions to the round gateways. Somehow he had hoped that he might find some sign or be guided toward his home world, but nothing of the sort appeared to be happening. Each gateway was just a blur of color as they raced by.




Tens of thousands of worlds. How could I ever have a chance of picking the right one?


Again, came only the random hope some world might possess an ally who could help him, but with so many flashing by, what would guide his choice?


As his mind raced almost as fast as his plummeting body, he noticed the black worlds. World after world covered in darkness. It didn’t take a genius to guess these planets were those conquered by Vile.


More and more of these were seen. A bright blue planet caught his eye as it suddenly went dark. He cursed into the empty air as he fell.


A thought came to him. What if there was an end to this passage and at the end a bone crushing bottom might be there to greet them?


With new determination, Jack sought out a gateway. He saw one approaching on his left hand side. A bright, forest green world, which glowed with an emerald color of Yig. He twisted his body to the side taking Tynilia with him.


It seemed like he would miss his target as it rushed up towards him, but he lashed out with his foot. As soon as he made contact, he and Tynilia were sucked through in a nano.


They each gasped as the fell several feet and landed on something hard, which battered their knees and took their breath away.


The planet had shown in a brilliant green, which is why Jack felt so surprised when he looked up to see himself surrounded by grey skyscrapers. All around him, people gasped and a crowd began to form. Voices spoke and even stranger he understood their words. Climbing to his feet, it became his turn to gasp.


“What?” Tynilia asked, as he offered her a hand without looking her way.


“That’s the Prudential building. We’re in freaking Boston.”




Come back next Monday to see what choices Jack and Tynilia will make in the aftermath of Vile Darken’s Death.


The Baron

The Baron


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