My World, Strange World

October 3, 2016

Tynilia’s hand found his as she looked on in awe at the buildings which towered over the pair. Even though Jack had seen many of the larger cities in the US and had lived in Boston more than a while, after his stay of such a different, low-tech world, the sight of such a bustling throng of modern people left him with a strong case of cultural shock.




He could only imagine how Tynilia, who grew up in a small, stone-age village must be feeling.


Her words restated his thoughts. “Are we safe here? I’ve never seen so many people in one place. If they turn against us, we won’t stand a chance.”


He chuckled. “Most of the people from my world aren’t like that.” However, looking down at his tattered clothes, which barely covered his half shredded chainmail, and certainly not his oversized battle-axe, he realized there was some cause for concern.


Jack Stern


Tynilia didn’t fit in to well either. Her obsidian tipped spear hovered over her tight doeskin dress and most of her was adored with black feathers, charms, and various small animal bones.




“Now that I think of it, sometimes our law and order types aren’t too keen on weapons like ours being out in public.”


“We can’t discard them?” she questioned as worry mixed with fear over her petite face.


“I think not,” he said, as he moved her through the crowds by the hand. They received quite a mix of glances passing along the busy city streets. Some folks ignored their outlandish garb completely, while others stopped and open mouth stared. Children laughed and pointed, which caused him to make a face or growl their way. Their eyes grew large, while they shrieked, and hid behind their parents.


Tynilia proved far less jovial and asked, “Where are you taking us, somewhere safe I hope.”


“I hope so too. There’s the T, but with these weapons. Shit, I’m pretty sure my wallet was torn off in that battle with the Faceless God.”


“What’s a wallet?”


“Nevermind, let’s see we’re near Commonwealth Ave. You probably aren’t ready for a car ride yet.”


“What is a car?”


“See those big squares of metal almost smashing into each other, those are cars. Think of them like ah…advanced wagons where we use dead animals to power them instead of live ones.”


“How foul.”


“Says the woman who worships Tezcatlipoca the lord of the darkness, night, death and-”


“You may stop. Focus on keeping us from being killed.”


“I’m more worried about getting arrested. Are you up for a walk?”


jack Fire


“How far and where too?”


“My friend Phillip has a bar. If anyone can help us, he can. Although when I last left here, we were in the middle of a battle with Vile Darken.” He looked around, “Although, from the looks of things, Vile must not have caused too much trouble.”


“So this is normal.”


“Yeah,” he said, “Come on let’s get going before some cops stop us and if they do we’re both heading to a Comic Con, okay?”


“Comic Con?”


“Yeah, and for once, you had better let me do all the talking.”


Hungry for you



Come Back next Monday for more of Jack’s Brand Spanking New Adventure!





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