Home World?

October 24, 2016

The half-jog through the busy streets of Boston while covered with medieval weapons and garb, proved to be anything but easy. They avoided the police, various gangs, and drunken jocks when they could, but had a few close calls.




While moving through the streets, something felt off to Jack. He couldn’t put his fangs on it, but he noticed small things. He hadn’t remembered as many video screens in the streets. The small screens played the news while he waited for a red light to change. Could we have somehow landed back on Earth, but in the future? Maybe there’s a difference in how time moves on the various worlds. But-


Tynilia drew him back to the present. “What sort of magick causes these squares full of people to talk? Are they real people shrunk in there or do people use necromancy to trap ghosts within?”




She was getting a few strange looks, but then again they’d gotten such throughout the whole walk. He shifted his war hammer, which might have made Thor jealous, and grasped Tynilia’s hand when it became time to cross the street.


“I’m starting to understand things. The white glyph means continue and the orange hand indicates to continue would mean being crushed under the square death eaters.”


“Dead eaters?”


“You were the one that told me that your people fuel the metal boxes on the remains of dead animals.”


“Yeah, I guess that’s right.” He maintained his hold on her small hand. “Around here though, you’d be better off calling them cars.”




They had to move off Commonwealth Avenue and head south to get to Phillip’s Tavern. He had just turned in the right direction when they rounded a corner and almost bumped into two thick set police officers.


“Hold on here, boyo. It isn’t Halloween yet.” He had a few inches taller than his partner and sported a thick mustache.


“Yeah,” the second said. “I’m going to need to scan you.”


For once Jack felt as confused as Tynilia for he had no idea what was being asked of him.


jack Armor


“Come, laddie,” the second cop said. “Pull out your personal.”


Jack remained confused, “My personal?”


“What, you hawked it so you could dress up like some renaissance fair reject?” This caused them both to chuckle, but then their mood turned serious as the taller one ordered, “Alright, we tried to play nice, hands on the walls and spread em.”




“Did he just suggest we have sex with them?” Tynilia demanded. “How foul. You are a horrid man.”


“And you are about to meet some horrid women after I lock you up. That’s it Bernie, cuff them.”


“By the scaly,” Jack started as the beefy cop grabbed him. He fought back against the man for a moment and then said, “Screw it,” and dropped him to the pavement with a single punch to the jaw.


“Don’t kill him, Ty.”


She nodded, drew her spirit dagger and smashed the man on the top of the head with the pummel. The second cop joined the first unconscious on the pavement.


Then something odd happened.


Every person within sight, stopped what they were doing and stared their way. A moment later they all began to power walk toward them.


“I don’t like this.”


“This is your world?” She asked. “Why were you in such a hurry to return? So far I can’t say I’m enjoying my stay.”


“I’m starting to wonder…” He drew closer to her. “How about you teleport us as far as you can that way.”


“I thought you said such displays would damage these people’s minds.”


Jack looked at the glazed over eyes of the dozens of people heading their way. “Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to matter.”




Tynilia moved in and embraced Jack. A puff of inky smoke surrounded them for a moment and then they reappeared a few blocks to the south.


“We’re close to my friend’s place. Let’s just get some answers from him.”


Tynilia looked at a new group of pedestrians who stared their way briefly before power walking toward them. “Yes, we’ll either get some answers or have to kill him.”





Come Back next Monday for more of Jack’s Brand Spanking New Adventure!


Jack Stern



Learn more about Jack Primus Here



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The Baron

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