Face Down

November 14, 2016

For an amount of time impossible to measure, Jack remained nothing—Spread atoms, at one with the Multiverse. He wondered if he’d ever reform, but when the bliss of creation wrapped his essence in its warm arms, he wondered if he wanted to.




Then he slammed into the pavement so hard his body rolled until he came to a halt with his back against a bench in the middle of a sunlit avenue of shops.


An older woman rushed up to him. “Oh my, are you alright,” she begun, but then moved back upon seeing his strange layers of armor along with the huge war hammer strapped to his back.




He tried to clear his head, but random colors compromised his vision and he couldn’t think clearly. Through the fog, he did realize the woman as well as the other people lingering about hadn’t gone all, ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ on him yet.


Using the bench, he managed to get his feet under him. Others gave him peculiar glances and he realized if an officer showed up the chances of all humanity turning on him again would be high.


He stumbled away. Under the glare of the sun, he felt like an out of place freak. Dozens of people shopped and made their way to their jobs, while he looked like a reject from a Renaissance fair.




Spying a break between shops, he made for it and came out into a large parking lot. People still strolled about, but he felt less under a microscope. As his vision cleared, he spotted a sign for the Lexington Pharmacy.


Rubbing his forehead, he said, “Ahhhh, I’m twenty miles out into the suburbs.”


A small strip of woods ran along the other side of the parking lot and he made for it.

Jack Stern

As he power walked to the comforting green, his mind went back to how he had arrived here.


Obviously, this isn’t my home world if for no other reason I encountered an incarnation of myself. Then his gut clenched. Tynilia. What will they be doing with her? Phillip seemed nice enough, but the other Jack’s woman looked fierce, she might not take kindly to her man being blasted into atoms and flung across Boston.


I need to get back there.


Reaching the woods, he discovered it was an urban trail. Even as he stood there, joggers and bicyclists cruised by.


“Excuse me,” he said to one of the passing people. He’d picked a younger man and the fellow regarded him, like Jack must have been half mad.


He chuckled, “Yeah, dude, what’s the matter lost your directions to the costume party?”


“Pretty much, but can you tell me what direction this bike path goes?”


“Uh yeah. If you go left you’ll head down into Concord and Acton. Head right and you’ll end up in Boston eventually.”


“Thanks,” Jack nodded and after readjusting the hammer on his back took up a slow jog toward Boston.


Amy Face



Come Back next Monday for more of Jack’s Brand Spanking New Adventure!


Darcarre in Forest



Learn more about Jack Primus Here



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