December 12, 2016

After twenty miles of jogging mixed with power walking, Jack began to wish he’s risked taking a cab. Still, with everyone tending to get ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers,’ on him, he felt it remained better to play it safe. He just hoped the delay in time wouldn’t be causing Tynilia complications.





Poor woman all alone in world which isn’t hers. He chuckled. Hell, the same can be said for me, because this sure as shit isn’t my world. I just need to get Ty and get us out of here.


He knew Tynilia would usually teleport away if she ran into complications, but in this world so new and strange to her, where would she go?




Gritting his teeth, he started to jog again. For good, ill, or neutral, he needed to return to Phillip’s tavern.


*         *         *


An hour later, found his sweat soaked body reaching Phillip’s outer door. He’d left, through no fault of his own, Tynilia in the tavern with Phillip, and the mad eyed brunette, he thought he’d heard one of them address as Loni. His incarnation had disappeared when he had, but certainly had more resources and could have beat him back to the tavern.


Shit, this whole dispersal when we too close could be about to happen again if I’m not careful.


After hesitating for just a moment, he took a deep breath, and pushed into the tavern. His eyes dashed each way while half expecting to see the other Jack and have them each get blasted halfway across Boston again.


Instead he saw Phillip quietly sweeping up what appeared to be a few shattered glasses. When he saw Jack, he favored the Stalwart with a half-smile and leaned the broom against the bar. He pulled out a rolled joint and lit it, as Jack walked his way.


Long way down

Phillip Borwnhurst


The rest of the bar proved as empty as it remained dark. The deep stained wood did little to reflect the nine brown candles burning in scattered recesses. He hadn’t noticed how it happened, but two amber glasses had appeared on a well-worn table.


Phillip took a long puff on the joint until the end glowed a cherry red and then sat at the table in front of one of the ales. When Jack sat opposite, Phillip made a motion to hand the joint to him, “Care for some?”




“I’ll hold off for now.” He did take a long chug for the ale. Some might have called it a risky move, but he figured when he couldn’t trust Brownhurst’s ale, he wouldn’t have much of a reason to continue living.


His eyes noticed a fresh hack in the bar and a couple of broken chairs had already been stacked near the roaring fireplace. “Looks like there was a bit of a fist to cuffs here,” Jack said. “I hope it wasn’t worse than that.”


Phillip smiled. It was a sight he’d always enjoyed, but here, on this world, he wasn’t sure if anything could be trusted. “Well Loni, who I always thought of as your lady,” he laughed, “went after your other lady.” He cocked his head to the side, “And she’s quite the looker by the way, you old dog.”


“Tynilia is my only lady,” Jack corrected.


Jack Stern


Phillip laughed again. “Loni is, without a doubt, the toughest female Stalwart I’ve ever come across, but perhaps her skills made her a little cocky, for when ah… Tynilia kicked in her Rapidity, Loni got more than a bit schooled. Tynilia had kept things in blunt and batter mode, but when Loni slashed open her arm with a dagger, I believe she called her a bitch before teleporting somewhere.”


Jack rubbed his forehead. “So, you have no idea where she might be, but at least she’s breathing?”


“As far as I know, although Loni and now, um you are out looking for her along with other allies.” He looked Jack’s way and he face remained in the shadows of his leather hat. “I did tell Loni you didn’t attack her Jack and were in fact an incarnation of the man she loves. Hopefully it will help her be more considerate to your lady.”


“One could hope.” Jack leaned back and took another long pull off his ale.


Phillip tossed the stub of his joint into the roaring flames.


A short silence lingered, which Jack broke. “So, it seems like you’re well informed on this world, Phillip. For instance, you seem very aware of our incarnations and how they work. I assume you know you’re one.”


“The veil for me here has been lifted higher than in most.” He took a grim sip. “I am also well aware of the incarnations. Although I’ve tried to keep such things hidden from this world’s Jack and Loni.”


“Is this Loni one of us?”


“Oh yes,” he smiled. “You may yet meet her on your world.”


“Good to know. But now I think you need to tell me the true story of what’s taking place on this world, old friend.”


Phillip grew more serious. “I’m willing to do that, Jack, but let me grab us a pitcher first, for it’s a long tale.”





Come Back next Monday for more of Jack’s Brand Spanking New Adventure!





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