Michael D. Griffiths lives in the northern mountains of Arizona. He tries to ride his bike everywhere, camps out 10% of the year, and only heats his wintery home by woodstove. Most people that know him consider this man to be some type of barbarian trapped in time, and perhaps waiting for the Apocalypse. His large six foot seven stature does little to dispel this idea. Mike focuses primarily on writing Horror and Science Fiction, but has dabbled in odd Fantasy and even, gasp, literary works. He has won the Withersins 666 award, and several contests at Golden Visions. In the past, Mike has published two underground zines, been on over a hundred road trips, and had his Skinjumper Series published in M-Brane magazine. Recently his first novel The Chronicles Of Jack Primus was released by The Living Dead Press.

The Chronicles of Jack Primus are set in a contemporary world, but one far different than ours. Evil is not a concept for philosophical debate, but rather a strong force, made tangible and real, when it Darkens and corrupts killers and madmen.These Chronicles document Jack’s attempt to not only keep his life, but also his sanity, as he delves deep into the realm of the foul Xemmoni who seek to increase their own ends by draining the life forceof their human victims.
Jack discovers far more than how stay alive. His journey exposes him to terrors no man should be forced to witness, but unlike some poor victim in a traditional horror story, Jack not only fights back, but also takes the battle to his enemy. Armed with only the small weapons he can fit on his motorcycle, what was once a man fleeing for his life transforms into a hero out to save whomever he can from these foul creatures that few ever realize exist.
Travel with Jack as he embarks, not only on the road to
survival, but also struggles to unravel the foul mysteries of the evil
races know as the Xemmoni.


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